According to Rasmussen, Franken leads McFadden by eight points – but only by three points (48 to 46) among people who are “certain” to vote:

Yesterday, Roll Call included Franken on their top-ten list of the most vulnerable U.S. Senators facing re-election in 2014. McFadden had a “fiery” performance in his debate with Franken yesterday in Duluth and he followed-up today with a press conference today about rate increases for MNsure consumers.

 If the poll is accurate (and since Scott Rasmussen retired, it’s been less so – but it’s also swung a bit toward favoring the left), this could be very good news for the GOP in MInnesota…

(Via PoliMN)

7 thoughts on “Nail-Biter?

  1. As a (paid) McFadden pollster I can tell you all this much. If Frankens lead in the polls is 4-5 points or less come election day he loses. 6-7 we go to another recount and 8-9 point lead leads to a 1-2 point Franken win

  2. McFadden has a solid organization behind him. I wish I could say the same about Jeff Johnson.

  3. Mitch:

    Do you have a misprint somewhere? 48 to 46 is just a two point lead

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  4. As opposed to Emery, who doesn’t maintain his own blog (perish the thought of such effort), but is compelled to be a spitball naval-gazer who bathes in his own unearned self-righteousness.

  5. At least he responds to our comments unlike the shit and run do does about 3 times a month

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