So It Appears Preferred One Aren’t The Only Ones Wrong For Minnesota

The Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters is worried about MNSure – for the same reason Preferres One bailed:

[MAHU chair Alycia] Riedly says there is no computerized renewal system in place, and if it is not functional by the next MNsure open enrollment, Nov. 15, it could affect tens of thousands of people who are already enrolled through MNsure.
Riedl says it will severely limit their access to information if they want to change their policies in any way and could create lengthy delays for MNsure consumers.
“The renewals would literally have to be done by hand, and that will take a long time, creating a backlog that hurts consumers who want to make better choices, and it will hurt MNsure’s bottom line if it isn’t taken care of soon,” Riedl said.

The private sector systems that MNSure bullied into submission have been doing this successfully since, well, health insurance existed.
So by all means, Twin Cities media – let’s talk about hanky-panky in vacant houses and crazy people chopping up garages.
This is serious business. Therefore, the DFL wants to focus on silly.
And so we will get a lot of silly between now and November.

3 thoughts on “So It Appears Preferred One Aren’t The Only Ones Wrong For Minnesota

  1. it will hurt MNsure’s bottom line

    MNSure doesn’t HAVE a “bottom line”. No governmental agency or operation does. If they “fail to meet their bottom line”, taxes simply have to be raised. Again. And Again.

    And Again.

    And Again.

  2. Mitch:

    The reporter missed an important point which I’m surprised you didn’t catch.

    If renewals where changing coverage has to be done by hand that means every who currently has a Preferred One policy will have to change their company. That means everyone who was on Preferred One will be done by hand, not possibly get their subsidy, not be properly covered on 1-1-15 and a few other nightmares.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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