Keith Ellison And That Famous DFL Civility

Here’s a blast from the past:  Keith Ellison, in an interview on KFAI (a little community station that serves as the drum-pounding id of the loony liberal West Bank, and for which I was a news guy for a while in the early ’90s) exhibits that reach-across-the-aisle comity that Lori Sturdevant is always demanding (from Republicans), repeatedly calls MNGOP Deputy Chair (at the time, Secretary) Chris Fields a…

…well, let’s take a look (with some emphasis added):

Ellison: “You’re real stupid for bringing up your domestic violence allegations. I wasn’t gonna say a thing about it. I wasn’t gonna mention it.”

Fields: “You know, if you want to talk about divorce —”

Ellison: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Fields: “—talk about your own. Talk about the fact—”

Ellison: “You are a scumbag.”

Fields: “—that you only pay $500 for child support. Talk about that. You used that money to hurt my ex-wife, who I still love.”

Ellison: “You are a low-life scumbag. You are a low-life scumbag.”

Fields: “I did not spend money to look into my divorce. You did.”

Ellison: “You are a gutter-dweller, and you’re an idiot for bringing up your domestic violence charges.”

Fields: “There was never any.”

This is the DFL in action.

Hear the whole thing here.  And if you live in CD5, bring a friend to vote for Doug Daggett.

CORRECTION:  I thought it seemed familiar.  The story is two years old.  Blah.  I think I may have even written about it back then – to try to get people to vote for Chris Fields, who was running against the peevish Ellison back then.

The story is old.  The sentiment – get rid of Ellison – is timeless.

5 thoughts on “Keith Ellison And That Famous DFL Civility

  1. I wonder if Governor Dayton will say that Keith should leave Congress because of this. After all how a Congressman talks is part of his job. Unlike a running back his job isn’t affected (unless people get involved) how he punishes his kid.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. The link notes that this exchange happened in October 2012.
    Even with that, were Ellison a Republican, Cat Richert, Pat Kessler and Tom Hauser would be bringing Ellison’s $500/month child support up related to all the NFL player spousal/child abuse hysteria (or whatever hype that might be at hand) to help out the Democrat in the race this year.
    Taking a friend or three to vote for Doug Daggett is still advisable.

  3. $500 to support his kid? If thats true, Hakim is a bigger piece if shit than I thought. I hope that kid grows up and beats Hakim’s ass real good.

  4. I winder what the Twin Cities media would find out about Ellison if they subjected him to Bachmann-level scrutiny?
    Maybe they could identify the mysterious branch of Islam he belongs to. You know, the pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-feminist branch of Islam.
    Who are we kidding? Ellison was raised Catholic. He makes no great secret of the fact that he chose his current religion for political reasons. Our liberal overlords have nothing against any religious beliefs, as long as you aren’t sincere about them.

  5. Our friend Scott Johnson at Powerline has exposed the facts about Hakim X countless times, the MSM completely ignores the truth……….go figure.

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