It Makes A Disturbing Amount Of Sense

Did Governor Messinger Dayton flush his former Lieutenant Governor…

…Quick!  Without looking below, name her!  Can you?

OK – it was Yvonne Prettner-Solon.  She got tubed in favor of long-time Dayton Chief of Staff Tina Smith – who many people say does most of the state’s actual governing, and has for quite some time.

Is Dayton setting up to resign, and turn the state over to Smith after the election, provided he wins? 

The essential Bill Glahn mulls the idea over – and comes up with, if not evidence, at least potential justification for the plan idea.

3 thoughts on “It Makes A Disturbing Amount Of Sense

  1. Governor Dayton’s recent announcement that he will be abstaining from some, if not all, gubernatorial candidate debates certainly plays into the harsh but likely true reality that he is not competent to communicate to speak in public. Not to mention the tacit acknowledgement that he’s also too slow-witted to debate any candidate who isn’t equally as hampered.

    Consequently, a mid-term resignation, if suspected by his voter/ support group, might get him in one more time. Kind of like giving an extra player to the team that picks the awkward fat kid to join in. Sometimes it took two extra players. Trust me on that …

  2. Now granted Dayton has a bit of legacy help getting into his Ivy, but it strikes me that even so, and even in the Vietnam era, he graduated–and dummies by and large were not supposed to be able to do that.

    So I don’t think he’s a dummy. Now perhaps he’s suffered the consequences of the alcohol abuse, but I wonder if a better explanation is simply that he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. I once had coworkers compliment me on my delivery–which is really nothing special–and realized that they were comparing me with the speaking ability of someone who worked in HR and had to say things she didn’t truly believe for a living.

    (not all HR are like this, but this particular company was)

  3. Any truth to the rumors that Dayton refused more debates after Johnson refused to take a Vicodin and Alcohol cocktail as a handicap?

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