Joe Dokes from Como Park emails:

Dear Diary: Today was a frustrating milestone — 15,000 consecutive days of living in a home where a firearm is present, and not a single person shot. Not one! What Am I Doing Wrong? Why don’t I fit in? No wonder the young people in North Minneapolis don’t want to hang out with me (note to self: research what neat-o tunes the hep cats are grooving to, these days; Barry Manilow is out).
Joe Doakes

I think it’s one of those things when you just know you’re part of the in crowd. Or not.

6 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. How is it possible that in 15,000 days that the firearm hasn’t gone for a walk and just shot someone, because “it’s just their nature?”

  2. You are very, very lucky, Mr. Doakes. We know from RickDFL that firearms cause murders, suicides, and accidental deaths.
    Devilish devices . . .

  3. JD, It’s been as long as that for me with multiple guns and nobody shot, hell the guns haven’t even shot one another, go figure.

  4. I’ve had my .357 for 17,292 days and its tally so far: several dozen squirrels( they are surprisingly challenging targets), a dozen or so raccoons, a couple of whitetail deer and a neighbor’s horse.
    It sleeps near my bed and not once has it awakened me with cries of “Shoot something! Shoot something!” .
    Maybe I got a defective unit.

  5. Yeah, Kel, I was thinking the same thing about mine. Besides, Liberals constantly insist the odds of somebody getting shot are better in a house with firearms: do you think my odds would improve if I bought more pistols? Or would that be like buying a second lottery ticket – a statistically insignificant increase in the odds?


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