Fortune Favors The Bold

Rand Paul, speaking in Iowa, nailed a few key points the GOP needs to remember, nationally and here in Minnesota:

“There are people who say we need to be more moderate,” he said. “I couldn’t disagree more.”

“I think the core of our message: we can be even more bold,” he added. “When Ronald Reagan won a landslide, he ran unabashedly … that’s what we need … It isn’t about being tepid.”

It’s “moderation” – and its idiot cousin, compromise with Big Left – that have left the nation in the mess it’s in.

The American people – the ones that can be reached, anyway – know this, whether they can state it in as many words or not.

Go conservative/libertarian, or go home.

7 thoughts on “Fortune Favors The Bold

  1. moderation is what rickdfl, emery, and DG want, indeed clamor for, from the GOP, given their always trenchant views about what life in America should be we certainly should be “more bold” as Rand Paul suggests

  2. If they do this Obama admin will go into full panic mode. 2010 will look like peanuts, especially if the GOP doesn’t shoot itself in the foot with dumb Senate candidates like it did back then

  3. Speaking of dumb Senate candidates. Can anyone figure out why Jim Abler is bothering with a primary against Mike McFadden. That’s causing a lot of head scratching here in DC considering he’s polling at about 15%

  4. Any candidate can be made to look dumb, and the MSM will go to any length to make a more conservative candidate look dumber than a more liberal candidate. Any length. Quoting statements out of context, gotcha questions, or reporting rumors as unqualified fact.
    In the 2012 election, Romney was forced on the defensive by having to address questions about some hazing prank he was said to have committed while a teenager in the 1960s. Compare that to the pass Obama was given concerning what he had written in his own memoir. Obama is fond of saying that his father abandoned his family when he (Obama was two years old. This is simply wrong. Obama’s mother and father never lived together as husband and wife.
    Breitbart was right, until conservatives have as much influence on the media as the Left does, they will lose.

  5. Or has the balls Breitbart did. I still can’t help but think if he was alive during the end of the 2012 elections that Romney would have won. Not to mention he death was awfully odd…

  6. Where’s Penigma’s Chihuahua to tell us that boldness in conservatives is teh stupid?

  7. One thing to note as well is that as I listened to Reagan’s radio show (on CD, natch, I was a kid when he was doing it) from before his bid for the Presidency is that Reagan made sure that his positions were relevant to individuals–while not a populist in the terms of “government funding for the common man”, he explicitly acknowledged the concerns of common people in terms of how the common man does NOT really want help from the government. We could use more of that.

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