One Of The “Meta” Tribe

Jon Stewart has his moments – but I’ve never, not once, thought the “Colbert Report” was funny. 

I know – he’s basically satirizing Bill O’Reilly, and that’s something that desperately needs to be done well.  Colbert isn’t it. 

Yesterday, Colbert got into trouble for a “racist” shot at Asian-Americans, exhaustively documented at “The Twitchy“. 

Here was the original tweet:

The worst part is that he and (worst of all) his defenders will say “It wasn’t really Colbert! He was acting the way a conservative host on Faux News, har di har, would act!”.

Except that Colbert and Ryan Winker and Maxine Waters do act that way.  And it’s happening more and more lately – to the point that the lefty noise machine is spending more and more time digging back to find objectionable japes on the right.  The other day, some lefty bobblehead on Twitter tried to tie gun owners to a remark Ted Nugent made…

…in 1990. 

Sorry, guys.  After you’ve dealt with Ryan WInkler in 2013, we’ll talk about Ted Nugent back during the George HW Bush administration.

9 thoughts on “One Of The “Meta” Tribe

  1. But on the other hand….is it an Onion parady or real life? Lefty politician in Minnesota wants to rename the “Aisan carp” to “Invasive carp” as the current name could cause hatred towards Aisan-Americans. Really. I am not making this up.

  2. Clown nose on, clown nose off, liberal jokesters are always given the right to make comments on race or killing their opponents because it’s just a joke except, when it isn’t.

    Kinda like the pass Stewart Smalley is given.

  3. Or in the news today… incredibly white Univ of Minnesota professor is leading a group who are trying to ban Condi Rice from speaking on the campus. Let’s review. Ms Rice grew up in segregated Birmingham Alabama, and was friends with the little girls who were killed in the church bombing. Now the White Citizens Council of Minneapolis is planning on standing in the doorway of the Northrup to block this great woman from entering the building.

    It never gets old saying this….imagine if the roles were reversed and a bunch of white Republicans where trying to ban a black Democrat leader from coming on campus.

  4. Kermit’s phrase: “If it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have none”, is reinforced weekly in this state.

  5. I guess Colbert just blew his re-invitation to the senate. Wasn’t it Colbert who, for God knows why, was invited to address the senate by one of the lady democratic senators a while back?

    Ben Affleck better watch himself. He could get the boot, too. Then where will our leaders get the real, credible data that only someone who plays the part for money can divulge …?

  6. Not taking sides here. Just a personal anecdote:

    When I went to an international school school in Japan, one of the teachers there actually referred to one of his Asian students, during DAILY roll call, as “Pots and Pans,” because that was what his name “sounded like when pots and pans were thrown down a stairway”, so calling out “Pots and Pans” was easier for him.

    That still makes me laugh.

  7. Clown nose on, clown nose off. Unfortunately watching Colbert and Stewart are where liberals form there opinions on Conservatives.

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