7 thoughts on “One Way Of Fighting The Left…

  1. “We’re no longer a radio network, we’re a sad political glee club,” Masters says. “We desperately need adult supervision.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. If I were Emery, I could claim to have.

  2. I strongly encourage everyone to hit the link and read the story. Its quite entertaining. You get a good visual of the mindset of the hard left.

    I think these are the people who have a program on KFAI, where they claim MSM has a right wing bias. Its fun to listen to their reasoning. They also supported domestic terrorism during the RNC meet in St Paul in 2008.

  3. Remember, these people are convinced that they are capable of running every significant aspect of your life, including how you should get to work and back, what kinds of things you should eat, and what kind of light bulbs are most appropriate for your home.
    I have yet to have a liberal explain to me, in a coherent fashion, why the USDA’s food pyramid shouldn’t be mandatory.for individuals. It’s settled science!

  4. I wonder what the deal is with those low power neighborhood channels the Left is trying to make happen.

    It seems stupid, given the internet and the obvious management problems.

  5. JPMN wrote:
    “Where did Occupoop go? Where did the war protesters go?”
    They have been told that their activities were no longer useful to the Party. They are good little commies, they do what they are told.

  6. It is more than a little curious that you would have Mass protests nation wide suddenly disappear isn.t it?

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