MNGOPAC Endorses Mills

The MN Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) has endorsed Stewart Mills in the Eighth Congressional District:

“Since he first entered the public arena, Stewart Mills has been an unflinching supporter of gun rights,“ said Mark Okern, Chairman, Minnesota Gun Owners PAC.  “Minnesota gun owners can count on Stewart Mills to stand firm for our Second Amendment rights 100% of the time.”

Mills entered the public policy arena in early 2013 when his video criticizing newly proposed federal gun control measures went viral.

“As a member of Congress, Stewart Mills will be a huge improvement over Rick Nolan for gun owners.  Nolan has repeatedly endorsed measures which would curtail our liberties and our gun rights, earning him an F from the NRA,“ said Okern.

I think this endorsement will help to highlight to Iron Rangers the yawning gap between what the DFL delivers – urban environmentalist embargoes on their livehilood, gun-grabbers and PETAzoids poking around in their gun cabinets, and ongoing taxpayer-paid infanticide that most of them oppose – with what they promise.

8 thoughts on “MNGOPAC Endorses Mills

  1. I like this guy. He’s loose (and lets hope not too loose), relatively young. Fits in with the northern Minnesota culture. Reminds me a lot of Duffy, the congressman for northern Wisconsin.

  2. I think the miners need to as the USW why they (the union heads) support Nolan. How does that benefit the workers and their families.?

  3. Jack and Ben had him on their show a couple of weeks ago. He is hard not to like and I think that he will quickly win over even the most die hard Democrats on the Range. He said that he has had enthusiastic support from them as he’s campaigned there.

  4. I believe I read, most likely here, that he a Mills as in “Mills Fleet Farm.” Is that true?

    I’m sure he’ll be as good a candidate as anyone could pick to court the Iron Range vote. I spent almost three years up there. The people are hardly ignorant and not easily swayed. However, the DFL and unions are quite ingrained. Mr. Mills will have to hit the pro-mining issue quite hard and not try to portray himself as one of their own. There is a strong sense of identity up there, and if you’re not from there you’re not from there. Any hypocrisy would easily be detected.

    I wish him well. Nolan’s just a place-holder. His win is a mystery to me. Maybe to Oberstar, too … that probably hurt him more than losing the election …

  5. There was a town hall meeting with Sen. Klobachar and reps. Walz and Peterson, where a local media type asked about Obama care. Peterson was the first to speak, proudly stating he had voted against it and turned the question over to the other two.

    I believe that the meeting was held in Rochester and also concerned Ag. Sen. Stuart Smalley was conspicuously absent.

  6. jpmn – I believe I saw a video clip of that, possibly on Fox News. I recognized Klobchar, but not the two men with her.

    When the Obamacare question was asked, both Klobuchar and one of the guys with her looked like they had just swallowed something unpleasant (probably a truthful response). It was a short spot and I didn’t hear any follow-up.

    I’m sure many will forgive Amy for her part in it, but hopefully Franken won’t be given the same pass …

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