The Left’s Koch Habit

I was about to write “if the Koch Brothers – eeeeevil shadowy right-wing financiers – didn’t exist, the left would have to invent them”…

…but in fact h they did.

This – and last year’s fixation with the American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC), a small lobbying group no different than a raft of identical left-leaning groups – may be the most dramatic manifestation of Berg’s Seventh Law ever.

8 thoughts on “The Left’s Koch Habit

  1. I just love how the lefties love to villify the Koch Brothers. Apparently, the local TPT/NPR groupies didn’t notice that David Koch’s foundation funds a lot of their programming, specifically, Nova. They also spend millions for things that lefties love, such as libraries and hospital expansions.

  2. There is no greater sign of the Left’s insanity,and unworthiness of being in power, than their sick obsession with the Koch brothers. You would think that they would realize that the Koch’s are doing nothing illegal, and nothing that leftish billionaires don’t do. It’s sick. Both sides demonize their enemies, of course. The people on the right who do it are fringe bloggers, blog commenters, and fringe talk radio guys.
    The people on the left who do it work for the NY Times, the LA Times, MSNBC, NPR, and the Obama administration.

  3. One thing the left is good at is fabricating a story, and even after it is proven false, they keep using it. George Bush not completing his Texas Air Guard duties is one.

    The new lie is that 85 people control 50% of the world’s wealth. Even though that was a fabricated statistic, the left is still using that as a reason we need socialism.

  4. Before the Koch brothers, weren’t you (allegedly) getting marching orders from Richard Mellon Scaif? Was there a coup de tat in the VRWC to switch evil overlords? Why wasn’t I informed of this? Does someone have a program to sell? How can you tell the players and their positions without a program?

  5. The far right NY Times has another story about the IRS targeting a group of actors. McCarthyism! Blacklist! Oh, it’s Republican actors, never mind.

  6. “I’m envious of the Bentley Continental the Kochs bought you, Mitch.”

    me, I want a HK MP5 SD like the matched pair they gave Mitch.

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