MN-GOPAC Endorses Ortman

The gun-grabber movement is going to make a particularly insidious push to attack your second-amendment rights in the upcoming session.

The Minnesota Gun Owners PAC is launching an opening salvo, getting on the endorsement board for the upcoming Senate race and backing Senator Julianne Ortman:

 “Throughout her time in the Minnesota Senate, Julianne Ortman has been an energetic and consistent advocate for Minnesota’s gun owners, “ said Mark Okern, Chairman, Minnesota Gun Owners PAC.  “She has demonstrated a strong commitment to policies that protect the rights of Minnesotans to hunt, enjoy the shooting sports, and protect their families from violent criminals.”

The gun-grabbers are going to be doing a lot of talk about “common sense”. Ortman gets it – there is no “common sense” to the idea of the gun-show background check:

As a Minnesota State Senator, Julianne Ortman consistently opposed gun control measures that would have impacted the rights of law-abiding Minnesotans while having no impact on violent criminals.  Senator Ortman supported the Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act in 2003 and 2005.  She also supported Stand Your Ground legislation in 2012 that was later vetoed by Governor Mark Dayton.  Most recently, she was a strong and vocal advocate for gun owners as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee during several days of hearings.

 “As United States Senator, we are confident Julianne Ortman will continue her strong support for Minnesota’s gun owners and be a leader on this issue not only for Minnesota but also for the nation, “ said Okern.

Ortman has gotten a mixed rap – but, I maintain, has done a good job of earning conservatives’ support, especially that of the communities that support the Second Amendment. She was vital in pushing the “Good Gun Bill” last session – a finger in the eye of the “Let’s Just Ban Something!” crowd.

I think it’s a good call .

4 thoughts on “MN-GOPAC Endorses Ortman

  1. Would this be the same Julianne Ortman who while working for Sheriff Rich Stanek supported the purchase of “cellular exploitation devices” by law enforcement agencies? Apparently Ortman supports the government getting information on you without a warrant. Ortman used to claim she was a defender of peraonal privacy and a less intrusive government. This must be good news for the Franken campaign.

  2. Emery – we’re well aware of the Kingfish / cellular exploitation concern. As a libertarian leaning Republican, it’s a concern to me too.

    But the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee is a single-issue non-partisan political action committee. We looked down the line at Senator Ortman’s voting record in the MN Senate, her positions on gun rights issues, and had extensive conversations with the candidate, her staff, and some of her advisors before making this decision. Those are the factors that weighed into this decision.

    In our mind, she’s the best possible Pro-2A candidate that has any chance of winning this election.

    Mark Okern, our Chairman, has more details up on our blog at on this process.

    Bryan Strawser
    Treasurer, MN Gun Owners PAC

  3. Brian; yes, you lobby for gun rights and picked your best candidate. Ms Ortman may satisfy the “activist base”, but I highly doubt she has the ability to cross over and attract conservative DFLers and independents. The base alone will not win an election. You should consider including electable in your equations. Like it or not, Franken’s campaign will frame her as a far right nut-job.

    Once again the Tea Party will come to the rescue of the Democrats.

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