Look Back In Anger

Do you remember the puddles of smug joy that the clacque of jabbering Ivy League frat-boy buffoons and sorority-sister buffoonettes that run our governent squirted when they signed Obamacare?

Byron York sure does – and he documents the descent from the End-Zone Happy Dance of March 2010 to the paranoid catatonia in the West Wing today:

[The] Democrats who gathered in the East Room of the White House for the signing ceremony could barely contain their joy. They cheered, they laughed, they shouted, they pumped their fists, they wouldn’t sit down. They chanted “Fired up — ready to go!” as they had at Obama campaign rallies. When the president recognized Nancy Pelosi, then speaker of the House, the chant turned to “Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!”

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Pelosi, of course, would be swept out of the speakership in the Republican landslide a few months later — a result that was based, in part, on the voters’ unhappiness with Obamacare. And today, some of the other Democrats in the East Room are now afraid for their jobs — because of the voters’ unhappiness with Obamacare.

After an effusive introduction from Vice President Biden, Obama turned almost immediately to the task ahead. “It will take four years to implement fully many of these reforms,” he said, “because we need to implement them responsibly. We need to get this right.”

At the time, no one had any idea just how ill-prepared Obama and his administration were to actually do the job they set for themselves. Three years later, approaching an Oct. 1, 2013, deadline for the establishment of the Obamacare exchanges, the administration was still scrambling to finish even the most basic tasks. What followed was disaster.

Read the whole thing.

Show it to your friends who are losing their coverage.

Let them get angry.

7 thoughts on “Look Back In Anger

  1. Billy-The-Psycho is over on #stribpol whining about this post. The fact is they could have fixed pre-existing conditions instantly with taxes and redistribution. Instead we get this Rube Goldberg abomination that is funded REGRESSIVELY.

    Obamacare biggest central planning disaster the West has ever seen. Stalin wasn’t this stupid.

  2. The ultimate reality is, they didn’t have to tax and redistribute very much to solve the pre-existing and un-affordability issues.

    And then almost all of the rest of it could be fixed with market solutions and trial law fixes.

  3. We’ve certainly seen what liberals produce when they don’t have to compromise, haven’t we? They passed crappy legislation that will almost certainly make things worse for vulnerable citizens, and they should have known that it wouldn’t work. They thought that since they defined insuring the uninsured as a moral issue, that powerful waves of self-righteousness would carry them safely home.
    Imagine if Bush had pushed through the Iraq War vote on a party line, using legislative tricks to get it to his desk (he didn’t, the Iraq War resolution was passed by strong bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate). Imagine then that Bush defined the Iraq War as the defining act of his presidency. Then imagine that he totally boloxed it through utter and complete incompetence, so that we lost the war.
    That is how bad this is.

  4. Joe Biden. “This is a big F’n deal!”

    They may well find out is that it really is in 11 months!!!!!!!!

  5. Beyond the fact that Obama and his minions don’t know one iota about project management, there’s the simple fact that the entire plan for the Health Insurance Deform Act (HIDA) is to put all kinds of perverse incentives in place.

    Scary thing here is that in a way, I’m glad that Mitt Romney didn’t become President. Because of Harry Reid, he was stuck with HIDA, but since he’s an excellent manager, he’d have figured out ways to ease the pain and make things “kinda” work. The Pride of Punahou simply does not have this skill set.

  6. Show it to my friends who are losing their coverage?! I want to show it to Obama and every *&^%$# Dem that voted for the worst legislation in my lifetime with the demand that they explain themselves!

  7. I got this link via Steve Green: http://healthpolicyandmarket.blogspot.com/2013/12/obamacare-week-10a-dearth-of-enrollment.html?m=1

    California enrolled 107,000 people in private plans in the first two months. But California has cancelled 800,000 current individual health plans effective January 1––all of whom have to buy a new plan by January 1 or become uninsured. The only place those who are subsidy eligible can get a subsidized plan is in the California exchange. In addition, California has about 2.5 million people uninsured and exchange eligible. A Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) report estimated that California has 1.4 million of those people eligible for subsidies in the exchange. Given the $250 million in outreach and marketing money the federal government has earmarked for California’s exchange, the dearth of sign-ups so far is concerning.

    Similarly, New York enrolled only 45,000 in an exchange plan through November but has over 2 million uninsured. The RWJ report estimated that 563,000 people alone are exchange subsidy eligible. The rule of thumb is that about half of those eligible for the exchanges will be subsidy eligible and half will not. That means that something close to the 563,000 subsidy eligible are also able to buy on the New York exchange.

    Can it be true?
    Krugman and other libs have been bragging on the sign-up rate at some states’ exchanges as a way of diminishing the problems with the federal exchanges.
    If herr Doktor-Professor Krugman has been bragging that California signed up a 100k, and he knew that CA had forced 800k OFF of their existing insurance plans, well, my God what a hack.

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