Kurt Zellers announced his candidacy for Governor yesterday, entering an increasingly crowded field.

And seconds after his announcement, the “Alliance For A Better Minnesota” – Alida Messinger’s union-and-plutocrat-funded attack-PR firm, henceforth “ABM”  – was out with the party line on Twitter:

@ABetterMN: Failed Speaker Kurt Zellers led a historic era of partisan politics. WATCH: #wrong4mn #mn2014 #mnleg #stribpol

(I wonder how “forcing daycare providers and personal care attendants into a union against their will so the DFL can get another $2M a year in “donations” will be spun as “non-partisan” by ABM and the media that parrots their chanting points without question?)

ABM, of course, is run by “Executive Director” Carrie Lucking.  She’s a former junior high social studies teacher who now runs Messinger’s little message shop; she ran the epic, toxic sleaze campaign that barely squeedged Mark Dayton over the top against Tom Emmer’s flawed campaign in 2010, and packed the polls with the uninformed in 2012. 

But what about in between?

Dave Thul was the first with the story:

@davethul: The irony of @ABetterMN’s ‘failed candidate’ mantra? Their Exec @CarrieLucking left teaching to become a Failed Campaign Manager. #stribpol

She was a “failed” campaign manager, working for a woman who had a failed marriage to a failed Senator. 

Oh, the video about Zellers that Lucking links to?

You be the judge.  But I’d call it an epic failure.

Carrie Lucking:   Remember – the greatest president of either of our lifetimes, Ronald Reagan, was a “failure” running for president.  Once.

7 thoughts on “Fail

  1. Is this the same Kurt Zellers Zellers that lost the House majority? Senator Dave Thompson is a much better choice. Thompson doesn’t come with the baggage the former Speaker has.

  2. Isn’t anyone on the Abler bandwagon?

    Stadium, choo choos, override six member.

  3. I’d be happy with either Thompson or Jeff Johnson as the Republican nominee. Neither one has any baggage that I am aware of. I’m sure ABM’s sycophants are data mining the internet and those “pay $25 to search “public” information databases” to see if anything can be found. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if things are ‘invented’ to try and tarnish names if there really is nothing in their pasts to be ashamed of.

  4. I’m waiting with anticipation for Dave Thompson to announce tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see how the Dims attack machine will fare against him. My money will be on Dave.

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