No Crisis To Waste

The anti-gun movement thought they smelled blood in the water; the Tsarnaev brothers had guns.

Which meant – to the anti-gun orcs – that they were an example of what any law-abiding schnook with a Glock might become.

But no – the Tsarnaevs had their guns illegally:

In the confrontation with police on the streets of a Boston suburb, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were armed with handguns, at least one rifle and several explosive devices, authorities say.

But neither brother appears to have been legally entitled to own or carry firearms where they lived, a fact that may add to the national debate over current gun laws. Last week, the U.S. Senate rejected a bill to expand background checks on gun purchases, legislation that opponents argued would do nothing to stop criminals from buying guns illegally.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was killed in the shootout with police, would have been required to apply for a gun license with the local police department where he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

But there is no record of him having done so, according to Cambridge Police Department spokesman Dan Riviello.

Even if he had earlier received a gun license from somewhere outside Cambridge, that license would have to be registered with Cambridge police upon becoming a resident of the city, Riviello said. In Massachusetts, gun licenses are issued by municipal police departments.

“There is no record of him having a license to carry,” Riviello told Reuters.

The left so, so hoped that this would help re-start their failed gun grab efforts.

6 thoughts on “No Crisis To Waste

  1. Why are we still allowing immigration from regions where a large percentage of the population believes that the pedophile prophet’s message should be taken literally?

  2. I bet that at this moment the progressive vampires are claiming a temporary exemption from athesim so may pray fervently that the two murderers obtained their guns at a gunshow, want-ad purchase, or family friend. Could the sad by-products of an abortion clinic be counted as a sacrifice?

    While watching Fox News as this was unfolding I clearly heard a police radio broadcast that the surviving brother was armed with “an assault rifle” on. Those were the police official’s words, not mine. My thought was that the killer may have disarmed the MIT officer he killed or other officer they wounded, since I thought the MSM would otherwise be all over that.

    Like former Saint Paul Mayor Scheibel’s attribution of access to guns as the cause of a Saint Paul stabbing homocide, I’m sure President Obama and his minions will find a way to make lemonade from spilled blood. The creativity of this connection will be interesting as well as inevitable.

    Sort of related, movie star and anti-assault weapon spokespuppet Reese Witherspoon took it on the chin this weekend, being arrested for drunkenly interfering with her husband’s arrest for DUI.

    Stay tuned …

  3. jpmn-
    I read an article in New York Magazine that talked about the Tsarnaev brothers bombing being a ‘violent expression of Islam’. The author should have went on to explore why the phrases ‘violent expression of Christianity’ and ‘violent expression of Buddhism’ are meaningless, but when we read ‘violent expression of Islam’ we know that a bomb has gone off and killed innocent people, a school room full of young girls has been shot up, or an artist has had his throat slit.
    But instead the author went on to blame testosterone & young men for all the violence in the world.

  4. Perhaps another question is: Why do we allow immigration of any kind when at present we have all the people we can handle, we are in financial trouble, and don’t have enough employment for those already here legitimately?

    I ask this seriously, not as a rhetorical question.

    If we’re doing this as an act of charity, can’t it be accomplished in-place? If we’re repaying a debt, when will it be repaid? If we’re protecting people, can’t we send some guns and ammo along with the food rations (100 rds. of 9mm and a Hi Point pistol per adult?) with the hope that they will free themselves – if they want to trade it away, so be it. How about a sponsorship program for those pro-immigration; you take them in until they’re self-supporting? Etc .

    Immigration is now supposed to be taken without question as a “given,” not worthy of justification to those who foot the bill. Why is that?

  5. All true, but congress needs to give us immigration reform anyway. Good luck to the people hoping to make this connection. It’s their turn to lose.

    Whack jobs are whack jobs first, nationals second. So it is with terrorists and Tancredo.

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