Fearless Prediction

After this story, coming on top of a bunch of other similar stories…:

 A woman robbed at knifepoint at a Pittsburgh ATM told police her attacker knocked her down and carved a “B” in her face after noticing a John McCain sticker on her car.

Police say the victim refused medical attention for the wound. An officer saw the injury, but a police report does not describe its size or severity.

…I’m waiting for a huge media expose on…McCain Voters Gone Wild.

When I first saw the story, I was a little leery – I’ve been burned by too many hoaxes.  Still am leery, actually.

But if it pans out, I think our course of action is clear; sanction Rush Limbaugh for creating a “climate of hate”. 

I mean, duh.

UPDATE:  Yup.  Burned again, or so it’s looking.

So look for this apparent hoax to get wall-to-wall coverage, and the all the other similar stories to be completely ignored.

Just saying.

43 thoughts on “Fearless Prediction

  1. Bet it was the same guy who shaved a swastika into Morton Downey Jr.’s hair.

    This one sure looks hoaxy, Mitch. If not, Angryclown hopes they catch the guy on Nov 5.

  2. I gotta go with the clown on this one except for his last 6 words.

    The B on her face is backwards just like Downey’s swaztika was (because he drew it using a mirror). The other thing that smells here is that generally when someone commits armed robbery, they flee. This guy was so unafraid of being caught that he felt no apprehension about a little extra partisan beatdown because of a bumper sticker? Where was this ATM? In the basement of an abandoned warehouse?

  3. I say it doesn’t pass the smell test.

    But if it turns out to be true, it’s still not as important as how much Governor Palin spends on clothing. That is hard hitting journalism at it’s best.

  4. Yeah, no comparison to Edwards’ $400 haircut, eh Chuckwagon? That was extravagant.

    She’s just a Jane Six-Pack Hockey Mom with Clothes from Sachs Fifth Avenue.

  5. Also the description of the “some big black guy” perpetrator is classic wingnut hoax fodder.

  6. She should get Palin’s makeup guy to hide those scratches.

    “McCain’s Oct. 1-15 filing showed that the campaign paid $22,800 to
    Palin’s traveling stylist, Amy Strozzi, an acclaimed celebrity makeup
    artist. In contrast, McCain’s foreign policy adviser, Randy
    Scheunemann, was paid $12,500, the report showed.”

  7. Mitch,

    Your stories continue to progress from meaningless to drivel. Lordy. You weren’t leary enough to pass this by, your comment is similar to the guy who says “I wouldn’t call anyone a liar, but some might”

  8. Your stories continue to progress from meaningless to drivel.

    May we hope and pray that peev continues to find this so and decides to spend time elsewhere?

  9. That’s some pretty wimpy knife “carving.” Apparently, this woman has blood the same shade as her lipstick. I call shenanigans.

  10. Hey clown, how about Barry’s multi-million dollar party to himself in Grant Park – Chicago. Park rental alone is $2,000,000. Plus all the fix’ns.

    Meanwhile people have to decide between food and medicine in the mean streets of Chicago. But at least Grant Park will be one well organized community.

  11. Your stories continue to progress from meaningless to drivel.

    Guess what, Peev? There’s three fingers pointing right back at you!

  12. http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212181240.shtml

    “”20-year-old Ashley Todd is now reportedly facing a polygraph test to be administered by officials after claiming she was brutally beaten over her political views.

    Ashley Todd, who claims she was brutally beaten and robbed of $60 at an ATM in the Pittsburgh, Bloomfield area Wednesday night when a ‘6’4, 200-pound black man’ mugged her and discovered she was a McCain/Palin supporter.

    According to Todd, the man robbed her at knifepoint before noticing the McCain bumper sticker on her car – triggering him to allegedly begin beating Todd with his hands and feet and carving an odd, backwards “B” on her face with his knife.

    Todd reported the assault to the police in Pittsburgh and was contacted by McCain and Palin shortly thereafter to express their regret for her unfortunate attack – and was even condemned by Barack Obama’s campaign, who issued a statement saying they hoped “that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

    Now there may be proof that Ashley Todd isn’t telling the whole story. Officials have reportedly requested a polygraph test be performed because her “statements about the attack conflict with evidence from the Citizens Bank ATM where she claims the incident occurred.”””

  13. Well I still believe Swiftee’s claim that he was butt-raped with a big black “Obama ’08” dildo.

  14. If it is legit, then the knife-guy is absolutely bat-shit crazy… that’s the first way to get too much attention when you get caught. And, if it is legit, he’s going to get caught.

  15. Maybe Edwards can donate his haircuts to Move On, like the GOP has promised to donate the clothes to “charity”. (Wonder if they cleared it with Palin first? I can just hear it: “not the boots, not theboots…”.)

    Likely in both cases. Yeppers….

  16. Grr.make that:
    So the ‘B’ stood for The Black Shield of Falworth? The guy really did go Medieval on her!

  17. Your stories continue to progress from meaningless to drivel.

    Quick, Peev – go back and research where anyone asked you.

    Anything, I mean.

  18. If that gal were about 30 pounds heavier and was sporting an “M” on her forehead, I’d swear it was Robin Marty.

  19. Moron College Republiskank Unmasked. Who’d have guessed?

    Oh right, Angryclown in the very firstest comment.

    Hope. Change. Seltzer.

  20. Swiftee prattled: “If that gal were about 30 pounds heavier and was sporting an “M” on her forehead, I’d swear it was Robin Marty.”

    If she had a mustache and a picture of Nixon shaved into her back hair, I’d swear it was Mrs. Swiftee.

  21. All the similar stories? Like the lobster dinner? Like the alleged African Press International tapes of Michelle Obama admitting that her husband is a citizen of Indonesia?

  22. Say, AssClown? Your moonbat amphigory is tolerable, mostly, because it’s witty.

    Do us a favor; do not post a comment before your trainer tells you what to write and gives you the OK.

  23. Anyway, the “M” I was referring to was meant to stand for “Moonbat”, not Moron so I wasn’t singling your family out.

  24. Well, that’s one hoax.

    And the guy whose house got shot up?

    And the Mac volunteers who were attacked in NYC?

    “Pay no attention to those incidents – look at this hoax!”

  25. That kind of puts the kibosh on your plans to beat the crap out of yourself, smear lipstick all over your face and claim that Sarah Palin kicked your ass because you had a better makeup job than she does, Peeveee.

  26. Not the kind of thing you want leading the news in western Pennsylvania over the weekend, eh? If I were a wingnut, I’d be really sad and depressed right about now. Nothing seems to be going your way! No doubt you’re all praying to Jesus for a terrorist attack on the U.S. It’s really your only chance to avoid the triumphal mocking of Angryclown, Peev and RickDFL – SITD’s three wise men – on Nov. 5.

  27. “Angryclown, Peev and RickDFL – SITD’s three wise men – on Nov. 5. ”

    Alright you incredibly ignorant villain, what have you done with AssClown?

    He’s an assnozzle, but he’s our assnozzle, and we want him back….we have come to expect some entertainment with our lefty blather.


  28. Clown:
    If I am sober enough to post anything other than bail on Nov. 5, things will have gone horribly wrong.

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