Gay Marriage: Still No Word

A quick look back in time:  last summer and fall, the “coalition” of groups that handle all the DFL’s messaging (it’s really more a syndicate than a coalition, but tomayto tomahto) ran a wildly successful campaign to scupper the Marriage Amendment.  It was wildly successful at the polls, playing a key role in taking down the Voter ID Amendment and the GOP majorities in both chambers of the Legislature.

The campaign’s key points went something like this:

  • “We don’t vote on people’s civil rights!”  – In other words, the “Right” to marry is absolute, not subject to “popularity contests”.  That’s the phrase not a few Amendment opponents used, in fact.
  • “People who love each other should be able to marry!” – Note the phrasing.  It wasn’t “people who love each other shouldn’t have to undo constitutional rigamarole to continue their legislative efforts”.  No.  “Marry” was the word they used.   Every single time.
  • “They’re just like the rest of us!” – With the unmistakeable inference that they should have the same rights we have.

Since then?  Nothing but weasel words from the DFL.

So – all of you pro-gay marriage people who came out in droves to defeat the Amendment?   The DFL used you for your idealism, and is now sitting on their hands on the issue because…


Because they don’t want to use the political capital it’d take to legalize gay marriage.

Their complaint in 2006-2009 was that the governor would just veto it (which was a stupid excuse, if you truly believe in principle; pass it anyway, and get the other side’s votes on record, if you believe you’re right! The GOP did!).

But now the DFL has both chambers and the governor.

And yet they’re sandbagging.

So when are you gay marriage supporters going to realize that you were used?

That it was all talk?

That the DFL will never follow through on their implied promise?


8 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: Still No Word

  1. Curious.

    Will Learned Foot postpone his annual BrokeBack excursion in protest of Democrat H8 of teh gayz?

    Redecilous and developing!

  2. Swiftee you Rediculous Looser,

    You’re the guy that wears all that leather, not me.

    Curious. Developing…

  3. The homosexulas have served their purpose. The DFL is done with them now and they are expected to shut up and be grateful. The same way the democratic party treats Blacks.

    President Obama pretty much did the same thing. He ignored homosexuals until it was financially useful for him to “evolve” before the election.

    I hope that someone now forces the legalization of homosexual marriage. The DFL would have to support the issue. They would have no choice and the tactics to avoid it would be fascinating.

  4. Yes, everyone that supported vote no can be called useful idiots of the DemocRAT party. Unfortunately, no matter how many times they get their asses handed to them, they will never learn. I believe that they keep hoping that Minnesota will eventually end up like the libturd bastions of WA, IA, and the Eastern states that legalized it. I find it very ironic that the states (MA, NY, ME, NH) that contributed so much to the formation of our country are now working harder to destroy it!

  5. You’re right hoss, but unfortunately the same can be said for those of us that voted GOP with promises of smaller government, and less spending.

  6. They can make gay marriage legal and get sanctified by the state – and get it sanctified by some wayward pastors, but the part of that really ticks the gay lobby off is they cannot seem to get it sanctified by God. Their petition is really against the Lord.

    It seems the Lord is just too biased.

  7. Mitch, it looks like they are following through right now.

    The bill to legalize same sex marriage will be announced tomorrow:

    Dayton says he will sign a bill to legalize same sex marriage.

    It turns out that you were wrong. The Democrats do have cojones, and didn’t just use the gay vote. They are actually advocating for their base and they are going to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota.

  8. It turns out that you were wrong.

    Not yet, I’m not. It isn’t law yet.

    The pro-gay marriage side itself is saying in its own fundraisers that they don’t have the votes.

    My prediction: they will find some way of letting it die in committee, and blame the GOP for it.

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