When Recycling Is Just Plain Wrong

I live in the Fourth CD – St. Paul, Ramsey and an unfortunate tail of Washington counties – and I’ve focused mostly on that Congressional race so far.

But if you’re a conservative, you need to pay attention to the race in CD8, where Chip Cravaack – one of the single greatest Cinderella stories of the 2010 cycle – is fighting a very tough re-election bid.

He’s up against Rick Nolan, an old-school northwoods ultraliberal DFLer who served in Congress back in the statist seventies.  While the MN DFL is an intellectual throwback to a time when neither US industry nor the notion of big government had any real challenges, Nolan is a literal throwback:

  • Jobs be damned:  Nolan sided with Twin Cities environmentalists and the EPA to block the PolyMet mine – and the 500 jobs it’d have brought to an area that could really, really use 500 jobs.
  • We All Belong To Government: Back when he was in Congress, he repeatedly voted to jack up small business taxes – and has given us no indication he’d be any less a tax-extremist than Barack Obama or Mark Dayton.
  • A One-Man Death Panel: Nolan supports Obamacare, which would gut the Medicare that so many of his constituents depend on.

The American Action Network just released an infographic about Nolan:

It’s suitable for framing and sending to any relatives you have up north.

Or just emailing.  Whatever.

The DFL is trying to tell northern Minnesota that they can return to their glory days of the 1960’s and 1970’s by returning to the government of the era.  It’s just not true.

4 thoughts on “When Recycling Is Just Plain Wrong

  1. The blog DFL Exposed shows Nolan’s ties (financial, physical) to the DFL pedophile who had sex with a schoolboy in the highway rest stop.

  2. Believe it or not there’s a good size contingent of red in CD8 (my district). We have been well served by Chip and I’m optimistic that he’ll prevail. By the way anyone know what’s become of Taryll “Carpetbagger” Clark? My guess she’s returned to anonymity in her true home located in CD4. Can’t say we’ll miss you up north Tawdry Taryll.

  3. I was up on the range yesterday and found the Saigon Cafe in Virginia. Awesome food by the way. There were about 15 people in there and the traffic flow was higher than I thought it would be. Based on the banter that I overheard, I don’t think most of them are buying the DemocRAT b.s. anymore. We can only hope!

  4. I saw far more Cravaack signs in the heart of the range than I would have thought possible. Hoyt Lakes and Aurora also have fuel prices at or over $4.00 a gallon. Towns with half of the vehicles being full size trucks. They aren’t buying the meme that the economy is getting better.

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