Further Evidence…

…that the Light Worker’s campaign is aimed at the one group he’s got a shot with: the not very well informed:

This is an ad, as Ed points out, that even left-leaning Politifact has rated “pants on fire”.

As this blog has been noting for quite some time now, the Democrat strategy seems to be to just toss crap in front of the electorate and hope just enough of it sticks to the dim, uninformed, adolescent, solipsistic and over-emotional to eke out a win.

It worked for Mark Dayton.

2 thoughts on “Further Evidence…

  1. It worked in 2008. There are two levels of political liars, shameless and Obama.

  2. We ran the Democrats favorite Republican in 08, but, by the time of the election McCain was some sort of firebreathing monster to the left. Romney will get the same sort of treatment by team Obama and the press (sorry for being redundant).

    I have serious doubts about Romney, but, I am certain about Obama.

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