“Remember when we put that webcam in the office of that loafing professor, and posted the video of him tweeting for eight solid hours? Even during his bathroom break?”

Scarlett laughed, twirling her hair in her finger as I fed her a grape from the basket.  “What a dweeb.  He tore up that picture of the basket full of puppies I left on his desk!”.  She wrinkled her nose exaggerated-but-real distaste.

We were on a beach blanket by one of the ponds in Central Park, on a gorgeous day in 2005.  Kite flyers and jump-ropers and dog-walkers meandered around – but I don’t remember hearing or noticing them, or any of the other thrum of the big city.  It was just Scarlett and me.

“I do!.  How could I forget?”  I had to hurry before she put a strawberry in my mouth.

We lay there on the blanket for what seemed like hours, staring into each others’ eyes.

“You like me, don’t you?” she finally said.  “Even though our politics are completely the opposite?”

“Of course”, I answered.  “There are some things more important than politics.  I mean what if…”

She interrupted me with a long, warm counter-kiss.  We didn’t say much more before adjourning back to the hotel.


She looked at me, her cheek reflecting a little of the moonlight coming through the window.  She pulled the covers up over her shoulders.  “That’s what I like about you”.

“Well, I mean…”

“No, not that, she chuckled as I finished off a now-lukewarm glass of room service champagne.  “No, I mean, you treat me so…nice.  Like a regular person!”

“Why would I not?” I responded, sitting up on one elbow.

“Well, I know I didn’t always think of conservatives as people”, she said, sounding mildly abashed.

“It’s OK.  We all grow”

She smiled, and wrapped her arms around me again.  “I like that…”


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  “Scarlett” was a “Compression” of several different girlfriends, situations and scenarios, real and imagined.

I mean, everyone seems to be doing it these days.


11 thoughts on “Compression

  1. The following morning, Mitch’s reverie began to take on a more sinister tone after he returned to Central Park and bought a balloon bouquet from Angryclown.

  2. Chuck types on his keyboard, plucking a way like chickens eating their feed, and looks at his computer monitor, the later afternoon sun glinting onto the rectangular screen. He heaves, causing his chest to expand and contract, like the bellows of a colonial blacksmith.

    Geesh, I could teach a writing class at Haaaavard. But this does settle the question finallly….Revolutionary Billy Aires probably didn’t write the book. Not something that bad.

  3. I haven’t read “The Waste Land” for a year, and I never did bother to check all the footnotes.

    What a hoot! Oh, mercy! Obama couldn’t even fake reading Eliot well.

  4. Lose yourself in “The Composite Girlfriend”, the heart-pounding new novel by the master of romance, Mitch Berg. from HarlequinBooks.

    I’d like to write the blurb when you finish this masterpiece.

  5. Two things –
    1. Does anyone find it amusing that our Dominant Media Culture is just now getting around to reading the Obama autobiography published prior to the election in 2008? I would have thought the flight to Wasilla was long enough to have knocked this tome off the reading list.
    2. Think the dogs Lolo prepared for young Barry were a composite (Schnauzer, Terrier, and some Chihuahua for its spicy heat) or that since #ObamaEatsDogs the story was a composite of the many canines he supped through the years?

  6. Seflores, I am still waiting for the media to discover that what Obama did as a lawyer was shake down the government for housing funds that were pipelined to Tony Rezko. Obama’s ex-boss at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Allison Davis, was appointed to the board that oversees the Illinois teachers retirement fund — by Rod Blagojovich. As Phillip Marlowe noted of the butler who had the power to sign checks for his wealthy, invalid employer, that ought to make for a comfortable retirement.

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  8. Terry, nothing says Dominant Media Culture malfeasance more than Michelle’s >300K no work, no show job at the hospital. Then the 1st couple claims they just paid off their student loans 8 years ago.

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