Tomorrow: Time To Stand Up For Stand Your Ground

Tony Cornish’s “Stand Your Ground” bill – which would make legal self-defense a more tenable option for law-abiding Minnesotans – is coming up for another hearing in the Senate tomorrow.

For the second straight day, I’m going to urge all Second-Amendment supporting Minnesotans to get on the phone.  These Senators are all pretty much in line to support HF1467/SF1357:

They could use a call to encourage them, but mainly thank them for their continued support for Civil Liberties in Minnesota.

Three more Senators on the committee – Terri E. Bonoff, Barb Goodwin and Linda Higgins – are worthless Metrocrats.  Rust-encrusted enemies of civil liberty, none of them is worth the time it’d take to contact them.

The last two…

…are outstate DFLers, representing the kind of people who, though they’re DFLers, haven’t drunk all the statist Koolaid.  Langseth has indicated he’s not running for re-election, and he’s likely sold his vote for the DFL’s customary 13 pieces of silver.  But Stumpf, with some polite, reasoned pressure from Real Americans and Real Minnesotans [1], might be turnable.

So please – take a moment to email or (especially) call today; the hearing is tomorrow.

Remember – have them support HF1467/SF1357.

[1] Yeah, I went there.  Whatchagonnadoabout it?

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