The Good Guys Win Another

Thugs  case a pregnant woman’s house…::

It all happened in broad daylight on Monday afternoon. That’s when the first man walked up to her kitchen door and began pounding and ringing the doorbell. He was clearly checking to see if anyone was home.

The woman recalls, “He started ringing the doorbell, probably 50 times, fast — ding, ding, ding, ding!”

The woman, who is nine weeks pregnant, was feeling sick and was in her bed. Not expecting anyone to visit, she called her boyfriend and then phoned police.

Beat in mind – the men had ignored two dogs, including a pit bull.  Getting a dog is the first thing most lefty hamsters suggest, rather than gunning up.

Anyway – dogs, locks and calling the cops didn’t work:

“About three minutes later, my dogs started barking again and I looked out the window and now there are two guys standing outside my home,” the woman recalled.

Within mere seconds, she heard the loud “bang” of the kitchen door being kicked open. With footsteps coming her way, she quietly stepped upstairs.

And what do you do when passive defense fails?

“So then I hustled up the stairs to grab our gun, and I came down and I loaded it and cocked it,” said the homeowner.

With a single pump of her 12-gauge shotgun, the would-be burglars bolted out the door and through the backyard.

“Yes, a shotgun racking is something you don’t forget if you’ve ever heard one. So, it frightened these two suspects off right away, they took off running,” said Coon Rapids Police Captain John Hattstrom.

Congratulations, law-abiding, armed and pregnant home-owner!

4 thoughts on “The Good Guys Win Another

  1. Yup! The good Captain is correct. Many years ago, we lived in a new housing development at the edge of Houston, TX city limits. The development was so new, that the street lights weren’t even working yet and the only other family on the block, was six houses away. My job required me to be on the road a couple of days per week and my wife, an anti gun liberal, was scared to be there alone at night. We had a dog, but she was still scared. I purchased a used Winchester Model 19 12 gauge pump shot gun from a local gun shop. For those of you unfamiliar with this gun, it was designed for female hunters, so it was light and easy to use. After teaching her how to use it, load it, etc; she said that she still wasn’t sure that she could shoot someone with it. I told her to just jack a shell into the chamber, because any crook with a brain is going to know what that sound was and they weren’t going to stay long enough to find out if she’ll shoot it!

  2. Gun in house not to be confused with conceal carry. Many who oppose conceal carry DO have guns in the home. And those shotguns ARE a better choice than a small quiet handgun. Inexperienced users can get better “results,” too – if the intruder is too dumb to leave upon hearing the shell getting jammed into place!

  3. Excellent. About 20 years ago I had some guys scoping out my country home and that of the neighbor. So when they pulled into my long driveway after about 3 days of looking I just did a bit of trapshooting off the back patio. Remington 870 is a great deterrent.

  4. Sounds like the young lady did a two second IQ test on the perps, which they passed. Always good to hear a story with a happy ending.

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