Deterred: A Few Details

From the Minnesota Carry Forum, unverified but utterly plausible information about the pistol-whipping victim in the Evanovich case:

A little inside firsthand facts directly from the pistol whipped lady (my wife knows who she is from work) and overheard her talking today about it. There was 3 perps. (dead guy, his sister, one still unknown one) I don’t know why the news or police have not released that info unless they are looking for the third scumbag still. The mugged lady was told “give me your purse” to which she replied “fuck you” to the now dead mugger when he told her to give it up. Probably the reason she got hit. You wont get the most the facts by watching the news or police releases. She is in her lower 50,s, hispanic and now has 2 black eyes from the pistol whipping along with a small cut on the head.

So while it’s not odd that Evanovich’s sisters have mentioned this, one wonders if the media – who breathlessly carried their attacks on the shooter – know that Evanovich (and, allegedly, his sister) were engaged in brutally attacking a hispanic office cleaner for a few bucks?

A source with considerable knowledge in the area, asked his opinion of this case, writes about the speculation about the shooter’s case.  Asked what he thought about the good samaritan’s chances of getting indicted, he responded:

[Henco Attorney Mike] Freeman can always do what he wants, but he’s not completely tone-deaf, and…

  • There are LOTS of believable ways that this was a good shoot, and very few (and all pretty far-fetched) ways that it was not.
  • Who ya gonna believe? The heroic guy with all the clean background checks, or the felon in illegal possession of a gun while committing a violent crime?
  • The cops have essentially called it a good shoot. They might even be pissed if he gets charged.
  • There has been no real bloody-shirt-waving by the “community.” This little thug brought it on himself, and no one but his sisters are saying otherwise.

This could get much more interesting.  Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Deterred: A Few Details

  1. I know that it won’t do any good, but I think that it is time that we launch a massive phone and email campaign on WDFL’s news director Mike Caputa to call him out on the biased, unprofessional and ethically challenged reporting of his “jounalists.”

  2. The best response to WDFL is the one I use. Don’t watch them. Let them sink into the obscurity which they so richly deserve. Maybe some day their radio station will out do their faux news in ratings. That would be a good day.

    As for this incident, I think the vast majority, both right and left want it to go away. One dead scumbag does not a movement make. Unless you consider it a colonic for society.

  3. This is a little similiar to the…I forget his name, but the Hmong guy who killed the African-Americans by running full speed off the I-94 exit ramp, then having his lawyer blame the car.

    MSM decided that the photogenic Asian family trumpted the invisible dead African-American. Unlike most race issues, this time MSM decided not to talk to the NAACP for a quote. See Powerline for details.

  4. And the Red Star has it’s accustomed level of objective reporting:
    A man nearby saw the attack. He had a state permit to carry a pistol, and he had one with him. He chased the robber behind a restaurant and shot him dead.
    Yep. Happened just like that. The Wild West brought to you by the DFL, er I mean Star Tribune. Remind me why I don’t read that “news” paper.

  5. Kermit, I haven’t purchased a Star-Tribune since October 2004 when they ran the cartoon attacking Vietnam vets as toothless uneducated drunk inbred dumbasses (it was their way to go after the Swift Boat Vets and get sKerry elected). One of the vets the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was attacking is from Duluth. He spent 6 years in a North Vietnam prison with John McCain. Was released in….would it be 1973? By co-incidence, the WDIO news broadcast from the day he came back to Duluth is available on line. Watch that broadcast. Look up the medels/decorations he has received, then see what the Mpls paper thinks about him and portrayed as, and you can see why this news junkie hasn’t purchased that paper in 7 years.

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  7. Kermit, I don’t watch it as a rule, but before my wife heads off to work in the morning, she is and often leaves it on.

    Chuck, I don’t buy it either, but if you can get some from your neighbors, it works great for wrapping fish guts and drying windows after washing them.

  8. “One of the vets the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was attacking is from Duluth. He spent 6 years in a North Vietnam prison with John McCain.”
    Kerry went to Exeter, Chuck. Exeter. Then Yale. Are you going to believe an Exeter man or some toothless, drunken, inbred, public school dumbass?

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