Common Cause, Lying Again (Part IV)

The Twitter account for “Common Cause MN” – the stealth-progressive astroturf group that campaigns for speech rationing and higher taxes – commented on the Iowa GOP caucus on Saturday:

Did you know that people have to pay to vote in Ames Straw Poll? That’s messed up! #stribpol

Promptly, other Twin Cities lefties added “it’s like a poll tax!”…

…apparently unaware that the Iowa Straw Poll is a GOP event.  Not an election.  Not a caucus or primary that determines who goes on the ballot.  It’s a fundraiser and PR event.

I pondered asking them if they knew that party caucus events charge admission, too…

….but I don’t want to have anyone popping any aneurysms.

3 thoughts on “Common Cause, Lying Again (Part IV)

  1. Not only a poll tax, but voter suppression in the form of photo ID required to vote.

    I guess progressives only care about voting rules that would affect their voters.

  2. Um, doesn’t the hyperventilating CommonCause twit know that the way it really works, people don’t actually pay to vote in the Ames Straw Poll? Candidates give out tickets to their supporters. To be unaware of this, you would have to avoid reading all the articles that point out this feature of the event.

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