And They’re Back

At around 11ish, Governor Dayton launched the special session to bang out a new state budget.

The good news;  while the MNGOP, and conservatives, are unhappy with the fact that we’re “borrowing” $1.4 Billion more than the state has in revenues (from the next biennium’s revenues), the compromise seems likely to include some things that were “hills to die on”, rhetorically speaking, for conservatives.

The big ones, for me and many other conservatives: Zero Based Budgeting and King Banaian’s Sunset Commissions; some sort of move toward Voter ID would be great as well.

It’s high time you called your legislators – both GOP and, if you live in a swing-y district, the DFL ones as well.  They need to know where the people stand; goodness knows the Unions will have their people lighting up the switchboards.

13 thoughts on “And They’re Back

  1. I’ve got Ann Rest and Sandra Peterson. Calling them makes as much sense as playing Powerball.

  2. Alice “The Phantom” Hausman and Mary Jo McGuire. I feel yer pain.

    I think I’ll adopt Doug Wardlow as my rep and Roger Chamberlain as my senator.

  3. Even after her passing I have a better chance of reaching the late Linda Scheid than Debra Hillstrom, now Asst Minority Leader to Thissen.

  4. Kermit, I really think that your odds are better on the Powerball thing. You might win your dollar back faster than they would return your calls.

  5. I have the genius level representation of Barb Goodwin and Kate Knuth. But if the redistricting goes through, I’ll have John Marty instead, which will guarantee that all of my neighbors and I will get at least 150% of our recommended daily requirement of sanctimony.

  6. Ann Rest and Sandra Peterson, Keith Ellison, Amy Klobuchar and Carpetbagger Al, congenital idiot trust fund baby. Is that a Perfecta?

  7. Gah, Kermit! No wonder you yell at the kids on your lawn. Hard to grow grass on the dark side of the moon.

  8. all bow before my great reps Keith Downey (who’s looking more and more like a serious 2014 gov candidate) and sen Geoff Michel (who will, mark my words, be in the US Senate someday). How long is this bs going to take?

  9. Seriously, if you are not calling these morons who purport to represent you, you are just further convincing them that everyone in their district supports their views.

    So for Pete’s sake, stop complaining to us, and start complaining to them. If you don’t, you’re part of the problem.

  10. Kermit:

    I have Mullery for a state rep and Higgins for a state senator. I also have the horrible three of Ellison, Amy K, and Al.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  11. “King Banaian’s Sunset Commissions”

    I think this may be the biggest deal. Instead of attacking the “growth of government problem” generally with a “starve the (whole) beast” approach, you can now potentially “discipline the beast” and stop it from doing the things it should not do.

    I like the “Zero Based Budgeting” thing too, but it is more a call to “get your head right and stop acting so crazy”, finance-wise.

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