The Great Poll Scam, Part VII: Post Mortem

The Twin Cities’ media and academic establishment is starting to try to unpack the disaster of their polling efforts this past election cycle.

Minnesota Public Radio has done us the service of printing both the Humphrey Institute’s Larry Jacobs’ defense of the Humphrey Institute poll and a counter from Frank Newport of Gallup Polling. And David Brauer of the MinnPost does some excellent coverage, including a revealing interview with Cullen Sheehan, who was Tom Emmer’s campaign manager, with some rare insights into what a complete crock of used food Jacobs’ explanation is.

I’ll be trying to unpack this over the course of the coming week.

2 thoughts on “The Great Poll Scam, Part VII: Post Mortem

  1. My question now, and throughout the campaign, is where was the Emmer campaign? I would sit through the incessant Dayton ads waiting for Emmer. Nothing and more nothing.

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