The Unthinkable: Duluth Paper Endorses Cravaack

The Duluth News-Tribune – a traditionally left-leaning paper in a traditionally left-leaning district – Ou endorses Republican challenger Chip Cravaack over 18-term incumbent DFLer Jim Oberstar.

While giving a nod to Oberstar’s “achievements”, and acknowledging his vote for Clinton’s  “debt reduction” bill in 1993 (that relied on tax hikes more than spending cuts), the DNT notes that these are different times:

But there’s also no escaping the chilling reality of our nation’s economic state. Unemployment hovers around 10 percent, despite stimulus and other efforts to turn the tide. Health-care reform has companies warning employees of the likelihood of increased health-insurance costs. A pair of wars rages. And the national debt stands at a staggering $13.6 trillion and is increasing at an alarming rate of $3.8 billion a day.

The brake pedal of fiscal responsibility is needed in Washington now as much as ever. Although Oberstar voted in 1993 for the biggest debt reduction in post-World War II history, the 17-term incumbent is hardly the embodiment of financial restraint and new direction.

And they figure – as I do – that Chip’s the guy for the times, and the job:

His opponent, on the other hand, Republican Chip Cravaack, represents what Congress, including Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, needs at this critical crossroads in American history. A pro-business, fiscally conservative, former Navy captain, with a master’s degree in education, Cravaack has smarts. He is articulate, reasoned and composed. More critically, he has specific and promising strategies to pull the nation out of its financial funk.

“This is clearly unsustainable,” Cravaack said last week of our nation’s mounting debt and free-spending ways. “The best thing to correct the situation is to create a business-friendly environment where the private sector creates jobs.”

This is huge – justifying a rare Sunday posting from me.

I’m going to be releasing my election predictions tomorrow.  And while I’ve believed for a week that Cravaack was could pull off the upset of the year – nationally! – this is another log on the fire.

4 thoughts on “The Unthinkable: Duluth Paper Endorses Cravaack

  1. So a Right Wing Rag that endorsed even Failed Auditor Anderson, endorses another Republican. . . . Dog bites man! IF Newspaper endorsements could vote we’d be looking at Governor Horner and Representative Taryl Clark.

  2. The Democrat party has lost Duluth…wow; just wow.

    Don’t be too upset, moonbat Flush…Pour on some lefty FAIL salsa on that sh*t taco and wash the whole thing down with kool-aid…yum!

  3. From my days in Duluth, you had the usual old timers in the DFL. It was interesting hanging out at the Reef Bar in disguise and hear the anger and veiled threats of violence if any non-union people are employeed anywhere.

    But then there are the youngsters. They are big on 2nd amendment rights, but probably the abuses of the welfare state are the cause of the largest dislike of Big Government.

    And across the bay in Superior, Republican Dave Ross is the very popular mayor. Has done a great job with holding down taxes and spending.

  4. My unscientific poll shows the following datum: Number of Cravaack bumper stickers seen on 94 en route from Chicago to Twin Cities: 1. Number for Oberstar: 0.

    But the one for Cravaack was on a Prius. If Oberstar has lost the Prius owners, he’s toast.

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