Media: AWOL! Day One!

Remember in June and July?

When the Dayton Campaign, and their minimum-wage minions in the leftyblogosphere, demanded that Tom Emmer release his budget plan?

Because without an Emmer Budget Plan in place for their perusal, democracy itself was in mortal danger!

The entire media was in on it. of course.

Tom Scheck at MPR?  Yep.  He was asking.

Tim Pugmire at MPR?  Yep, he wanted the details, too.

Eric Black at the MNPost?  It was surely important to him!

The question certainly fascinated Rachel Stassen-Berger at the Strib!

Over the past five weeks, Tom Emmer has released a budget plan that balances the budget, and lays the groundwork for the kind of economic growth that actually sets economies up for the kind of long-term prosperity that makes budget fiascoes like the past four years dim, comic memories.

In the meantime, Mark Dayton’s first budget cratered – came up $3 Billion short – and his second attempt is well over a billion off the mark, and Dayton is now saying budgets don’t really matter that much anyway until he’s elected.

So I’m wondering – where are the media who were so strident about having a budget to fact-check last summer?

Rachel Stassen-Berger?  Tim Pugmire?  Tom Scheck?  Pat Kessler?  Bill Salisbury?  Eric Black?  David Brauer?

Where are all the great journalistic instincts of one of the nation’s putatively top-twenty media markets?

Or don’t the people have a right to know anymore?

Let’s start counting up days until someone in the regional mainstream media – MPR, the Strib, the PiPress, WCCO-TV, anyone covers the vaporous vacuity of the Dayton “budget plan”.

Good thing I don’t pay for ink, huh?

9 thoughts on “Media: AWOL! Day One!

  1. “Earsall”,

    Right, except that a mention and a mild “is needs some more detail” isn’t exactly what the situation deserves.

  2. Also, an editorial is not a news story. I would have thought that Ed Sharockman or Lonnie Warwick would have clued you into that, Earsall.

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  4. Brave Sir Mark appeared on WDFL with Esme Murphy. That should satisfy all good Democrats.

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