Joel Demos may need more than a great web ad to beat Keith Ellison in the Fifth District. He’ll probably need the National Guard. The Fifth, aka “Berkeley on the Prairie”, is one of those districts where the DFL could endorse a package of pork chops and get 50% of the vote.

Still – if great ads won elections, Demos could start measuring the drapes in Ellison’s office.

There is no more thankless job in the world than running for CD5 (or CD4, across the river, which is just as bad).

But if Republicans in the city couldn’t hope for miracles, we couldn’t hope for much at all.

6 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Anyone that can get Ellison out, should be crowned king of the world, or at least MN.

    Ellison is a Michigan transplant that brought that state’s entitled mentality and installed it here.

  2. I’ve got Ellison, you’ve got McCollum, we bot gots Carpetbagger Al. Our burdens to bear.

  3. Ha, ha, being a Republican it never occurred to this guy that it might be easier to drive the truck.

  4. Silly Tim. This is our future. Thanks to the Democrat Cap & Tax law, he can’t afford to drive the truck.

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