Update Your Scorecards

Three weeks ago, Shot In The Dark showed you that “Alliance For A Better Minnesota”, which has been funding the avalanche of anti-Emmer attack ads, is an astroturf group funded by the Dayton family and their friends, relatives and cronies (60%, give or take) and the unions (around 40%).

Today, Pat Kessler’s “Reality Check” on WCCO does the same.

4 thoughts on “Update Your Scorecards

  1. “Including an eye-popping $250,000 from the teacher’s union Education Minnesota.”

    Why isn’t this in the news?

  2. Give Kessler credit, I guess, for recognizing a story when it bites him in the ass. Apparently the other reporters who were bitten on the ass had their brains sucked out in the process.

  3. It’ll be very interesting to see (a) how deeply Reality Check is buried in the program and (b) DFL Don’s demeanor before and afterthe clip.

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