Your Education Dollars At Work: Bun In Summer School, Part IV

Here’s a little more wisdom from my daughter’s State of Minnesota-certified, Minnesota Federation of Teachers accredited teacher:

Whitey <3 Meth!: Said the teacher, “If meth didn’t exist, there would be no drug law reform, because white peole do meth, and the goverment doesn’t want white people in jail”.  Didn’t they say the same thing about cocaine 25 years ago?

Dumb Cops: Speaking in a cornpone accent: “I don’t know, man, I”m just here to beat up black people”, even though, said the teacher, the cop has no ideas what the laws are.  Not to say cops are infallible – far from it – but a top-to-bottom racist conspiracy? Hm.

Slavery Altered The Physical World:  “Hurricanes follow the path of the slave ships”, apparently as God’s punishment for slavery.  Apparently hurricanes were mostly found in the North Sea before the 1400s as vengeance for the Vikings?  I dunno.

Slavery Altered Evolution: “Sharks, to this day, folow the route of the slave ships”, as a matter of evolutionary adaptation; according to the teacher, sharks “evolved” to live in the subtropical trade wind zone because of the centuries of slaves being tossed overboard from slave ships (as opposed to, y’know, because the sub-tropics are crawling with aquatic life?)

Anyone but me thinking “Hey, good thing he’s not teaching them Intelligent Design?  Whew!”?

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  1. Naw, that’s St. Paul Timmy. I recognize the devastating use of rhetoric to illustrate a point.

  2. So, if you got a boat, painted the words “slave ship” on its side, and put it into the water, do you think sharks or hurricanes would get it first?

  3. I made a comment on Mr. Dillettante regarding why this kind of chicanery demonstrates that we should not have “ethnic studies” programs. All kinds of unsupportable cow chips get taught as fact to young skulls full of mush.

  4. These are the same people who like to put a number on the slaves that were tossed overboard, even though they have zero data to back up the assertion.
    It’s a simple appeal to emotionalism that’s typical of white guilt.

  5. I’ve never met a white person who felt any guilt about slavery. I’ve met plenty, though, that think other white people should feel guilty about slavery.

  6. Little known fact: ever since the slave trade was abolished the West, the sharks have been trying to find a way to swim up the Nile to Khartoum.

  7. Kermit,
    Peeve is not a teacher himself, his destiny lies in a different, more meaningful, direction.
    peeve’s next door neighbor, however, is a teacher and a Nobel prize recipient, and his erstwhile sidekick DG has the schoolmarms charming habit of getting everything wrong but forging ahead unabashed

  8. I think Peeve teaches us all valuable lessons everytime he comments. Lesson one: brevity is the soul of wit.

  9. AB is the best writer in the crew. I have to struggle to get past the first paragraph of anything Dog Gone writes.
    Penigma has improved his writing style. These days his sentences nearly always have identifiable subjects, objects, and verbs.

  10. So is this St. Paul teacher saying the last two St. Paul police chiefs, John Harrington and William Finney led departments that were “just here to beat up black people”? I have my doubts.

    From : “…John Harrington, the only African-American finalist, has experience that sets him apart from the others.”

    Also, from the same page: “Chief William Finney, St. Paul’s first African-American police chief…”

  11. “Hey, good thing he’s not teaching them Intelligent Design?

    Well, yes, it is, but it’s pretty bad he’s teaching what he is. Have you complained about this to the school yet?

  12. I get as tired of saying this as I’m sure you all do of reading it: Yet more evidence, were any needed, of the importance of getting your kids out of the gubamint skulz.

    I’m fairly sure that somewhere in the emanations and penumbras of the constitution, there’s a doctrine of the separation of school and state just waiting to be elucidated.

  13. MnBubba:

    getting your kids out of the gubamint skulz.

    It’s a temporary detour.


    (Re IntelDesign):

    Well, yes, it is,

    Well, no – because ID is pretty much a theory to reconcile faith and science, and doesn’t try to rewrite science books; half of it is faith – which is not to say I sanction teaching religion in public schools. But as you say…

    but it’s pretty bad he’s teaching what he is.

    …expecially since he is expressing things as fact that are best described as “faith-based” at the very least – where the “faith” is in the religion of radical dogma.

    But I agree. Pretty bad.

    More to come.

  14. “Sharks, to this day, folow the route of the slave ships”, as a matter of evolutionary adaptation

    Also, if the shark thing is true, it has nothing to do with evolution.

    ID is pretty much a theory

    No it isn’t. Theory has a meaning in science, and it may not be what you think it is. ID isnt’ even a hypothesis, since it makes no testable claims.

  15. Shark habitat may well have something to do with evolution; the area with the trade winds is incredibly rich in marine life. Slavers followed it as a matter of adaptation; it’s where the reliable wind was.

    No it isn’t. Theory has a meaning in science

    …No, I know. and I wasn’t speaking quite that precisely. Theory has a meaning in science; it has a similar but not identical meaning in many other fields!

    And since ID makes no testable claims and is never really mistaken for science, the teacher would do less harm teaching it than the factually-vacant crap he’s spewing.

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