Your Education Dollars At Work: Bun In Summer School, Part III

Bun’s teacher says that owning guns is perfectly hunky dory – and that if you shoot someone in self-defense on your property, you need to “drag them into your house; they can’t do anything to you then”.

6 thoughts on “Your Education Dollars At Work: Bun In Summer School, Part III

  1. He’s obviously never tried this himself – its harder than it sounds and when you shoot people they tend to leak all over the place.

  2. Limp floppy bodies are really hard to move. The trail from the leaky holes will arouse more suspision from law enforment and will likely bring more scrutiny of your actions and the results.

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  4. Mitch…..why is Bun taking this class in summer school? Is this typical of the kind of education you have been extolling in charter schools? I would have thought not.

    You might try getting a refund – if you paid good money for this malarkey – say, the pro-rata amount for each day that the teacher is seriously factually in error. Even if you didn’t get any $, it could be fun.

    You don’t move limp, floppy bodies yourself. You teach the dog to retrieve, and then get them to move it for you. It’s good exercise, builds strong jaws, necks and shoulders… and it teaches them good bite inhibition so they don’t leave any more holes other than the bullet wounds.

    Best not to let the dogs clean up the blood though, unless you are sure that the corpse was healthy before the lead ventilation. You don’t want them picking up anything zoonotic that might not be covered in their regular vaccinations…. Good dog, good BIG dog!

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