Don’t It Make You Wanna Rock And Roll?

Huge day in the world of the Northern Alliance and the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers today.

 I’ll be talking with Joel Rosenberg and Andrew Rothman about the latest on last month’s shooting in Coon Rapids last month.  Is it an official coverup?  It’s looking interesting.

 I’ll also be talking with The Transit Geek, Erik Hare, about the Met Council’s plot to tear the guts out of Saint Paul,

Don’t forget the Volume I guys, John, Brian and Chad from 11-1, and Volume III, King and Michael, from 3-5!

And then tonight, the highlight of the social season, the THIRD ANNUAL MOB SUMMER BASH at Keegans, Saturday night! The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers is a non-partisan group of bloggers who exist, mainly, to further blogging in Minnesota. As such, we invite all bloggers, and for that matter all non-bloggers, to come on down!

5 thoughts on “Don’t It Make You Wanna Rock And Roll?

  1. I just have to engage in my favorite pass time and split a hair on the title of the post. I do believe the late, great Mr Zevon was making a statement, rather than asking a question. I love playing this song, but I really miss having the backup singers.

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