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  1. FWIW, Kerry denies the reports.
    Kerry is yet another example of a person who Democrats consider to be brilliant, but can’t easily explain why they think that he is brilliant.

  2. One liar talking to another–this is like one of those quizzes where you’re supposed to figure out with exquisite precision which person might somehow be telling the truth. Maybe the Mossad has a recording?

    I think the bigger deal here is that Kerry is championing the Obama era nuclear deal–revealing that the Israelis attack Hamas and such in Syria is like saying the sun rises each morning, but sending billions to Iran with which they can fund terrorism will leave a big mark.

  3. but…but…but….climate change.

    or..er…social justice…

    or something like that….

  4. Kerry: “Reporting for duty.”

    Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif: “Yeah, baby!”

  5. Potato Head squeeked: “Go ahead and investigate.”

    What? But Tater, Kerry *said* he nebber dindu it. That’s the end of it, right? Gosh…Could the AZ board of elections have been lying, too?

  6. So it really comes down to wether you believe Zarif or Kerry.
    If he did it while he was Secretary of State, we can assume it was authorized, since Kerry could release the info by acting for his boss, the president.

  7. I think the prefered investigator for dems these days would be Mueller, with andy Weisman as his deputy.

  8. IF the GOP did manage somehow* to regain control of the legislature, the backlog of investigations into reprobate’s perfidy could tie up Congress for the foreseeable future.

    *Cheat better

  9. Ashli Babit’s family says it will file a civil rights lawsuit against the capitol police.
    Interesting to see where it will go, I could see a big pre-trial settlement. No one in DC wants to talk about her death or who killed her.

  10. Greg;
    Ha! Yea, Kerry married his money, then acts like he earned it. I’m sure that he isn’t even qualified to be in the ketchup plant.

  11. Sedition Boy: Super weird how you alternately believe no one died from Covid but everyone dies from vaccines.

  12. BH, he didn’t earn the Silver Star he disgraced, either. Feckless waste of flesh…He’s a poster Boy for the dying Democrat elite.

  13. Tater, I realize it’s way beyond your meager cognitive abilities to understand, but in light of the present sack of America hating degenerates, dementia patients, reprobates, wankers, tossers, thieves, liars and general assholes in charge in Washington, bestowing the title of “Sedition Boy” upon me is a badge of honor.

    I wear it very, very proudly.

  14. Maybe if we’re lucky, Mossad will suicide him. Maybe they can have a couple of Clinton’s hit men do it. They seem to continually get away with it.

  15. Hey, any idea what conditions are like for the workers who feed Kerry’s tomato ketchup farms? No?
    Why not?
    You liberals are such f’ng morons. So stupid you don’t even know how how stupid you are.

  16. Sedition Boy?

    Holy crap, tater and SFB (Kraphead) got an EARLY start on the stupid juice today.

  17. Jim Geraghty at Nat’l Review (I think?) has a pretty good piece concerning how/when this news got leaked and the political situation in Iran (elections coming soon). Does NOT reflect well on Kerry’s denial …… surprising no one who has followed John F’in Kerry’s career in Int’l politics

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