Jack Posobiec started the thread on modern ways to be a rebel.

I’m going to keep going:

  • Get a job
  • Don’t whine
  • Save money
  • Learn to protect yourself and your family
  • Learn what the scientific method actually is.
  • Learn logic
  • Learn to be a critical thinker, and practice it.
  • Read the Federalist Papers.
  • Become educated (as opposed to getting one or more degrees).
  • Learn why Western Civilization matters.
  • Learn your opponents’ arguments.

What am I missing, here?

15 thoughts on “Rebellious

  1. It could be covered under going to church, but: Help others

    Also, avoid debt and learn to love delayed gratification

  2. Don’t let your feelings guide you through every decision making process.

    Sometimes you go with your gut, but most times you should follow your thought process.

  3. Here’s what a real rebel looks like.

    Just 1 PA, or MI elector making the following statement:

    “After carefully examining the evidence, physical, statistical and sworn, I have concluded the 2020 election was substantially compromised. I, as a duly appointed elector for the state of * cannot in good conscience award my vote for Joe Biden.”

    It wouldn’t change the outcome, but it would send a powerful and much needed shot across the bow of the Democrat party’s pirate ship. And it would rightfully stain the crooked Biden/Harris administration, depriving them of the facade of legitimacy.

  4. Not gonna happen swiftee… Wishful thinking, but electors are hand picked mindless bots, much like what infests this blog.

  5. Wouldn’t work here. The Supremes ruled against it last June. Minnesota is one of the ‘faithless elector’ states noted in the article.

    Of course, the decision doesn’t answer why the Founders bothered with electors in the first place. Liberals argue it was a transportation issue: the time lag between voting and the Electoral College meeting was so long, and the roads so bad, that someone needed to hand carry the results to ensure their safe arrival. In Liberal’s minds, the electors are simply messengers and not some sort of final check on the madness of the masses. In that view, electors must remain faithful to the state that sent them.

    So why not simply send the results by mail? Why bother sending electors? Why send a bunch of them to an in-person meeting? Why cast votes at the meeting? None of that makes any sense, if the Founders didn’t see the potential need for adults to over-ride the children’s tantrum.

    Marbury v. Madison. Roe v. Wade. Oberfell v. Hodges. And now Chaifalo v. Washington. All wrongly decided. All steps down the slippery slope.

  6. JD, I know you are not constitutional scholar, but what’s your read on PA Legislature ruling the election to be in dispute n Wed? What happens if the the state refuses to certify? I mean, I know that then election goes to congress, etc, but what do you think? And please ignore the trollbot chatter as it is bound to crap all over this thread. Thanks.

  7. shakingmyhead said:

    . . .
    Also, avoid debt and learn to love delayed gratification

    So Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are rebels?
    The way to be a rebel is to oppose authority. There is no short cut.

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  9. MO:

    I think those two ended up becoming what they hate. It happens. Also Bezos has ensured that the trait of delayed gratification is disappearing.

    Onto important rebel news – Van Morrison and Clapton are releasing an anti-lockdown song. Five Finger Death Punch did one. Johnny Rotten came out in support of Trump. Meanwhile, Rage Against the Machine is writing a new song for Slow Joe. What has happened to actual rebels? Question authority?

    Ahhh, the true rebel trait through the ages: Question Authority. It worked in the past, and it’s even more important now.

  10. Own a firearm.

    Get your kids involved in high school clay target shooting.

    Go to the gun range instead of the bowling alley.

  11. Espouse any conservative principle at a holiday gathering (if discussion arises) at which you do not know everyone ?? God forbid you bring it up without an opening presented to you ……..

    PS – threadjack removal system is apparently working as designed (per MO’s comment above @ 9:15 AM 11-28-20): I had not checked in here since Friday afternoon and I believe I missed a thoughtful, relevant and principled Emery comment on this thread just because it wasn’t perfectly on subject …… feel like I’m missing out on something really important

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