Out Come The Long Knives

What Tom Bakk and Dave Tomassoni did this week in Minnesota, it seems Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is doing, more or less, in the US Senate.

And progs aren’t happy about it:

While he would certainly never acknowledge it, Joe Manchin just took it upon himself to go on national television, and had the brilliant idea to singlehandedly throw away any reason someone in the state of Georgia would have to vote for a Democrat in order for them to take the Senate. If he has already positioned himself as someone more interested in catering to the right as opposed to the left, and it’s all but guaranteed he will act as a barrier to any meaningful legislation whatsoever that Democrats could pass, does he not understand he just essentially told people that nothing was going to get done if Democrats control the Senate? Does he not realize he essentially just told voters to go ahead and make the Democrats the majority, while at the same time telling them there was actually no reason to do so considering he has made himself the barrier to anything their base wants to see done?

However the George Senate runoffs turn out, Joe Manchin is going to be one of the most powerful people in the United State for the next two years, at least.

7 thoughts on “Out Come The Long Knives

  1. Somehow it seems that the key question is what “gotchas” the progressive left’s detectives find on Manchin. Rules for Radicals, donchaknow?

  2. I had read (and was hoping beyond hope that the author was correct) that Manchin might make a move to switch parties soon because he has a boatload of leverage right now: he could work a deal for Chairmanship of some committee and be a hero to Rs for keeping Senate from D control ….. as opposed to after election he would have no leverage with Rs if either Loeffler or Perdue win (and he’d be stuck in minority for another couple years). If neither of them win he would be hated by the crazy left for blocking their world domination plans as he has stated he would do; OR he would be blackmailed as bikebubba implied above – and then potentially lose his Senate seat in conservative W Virginia for voting to end coal mining or whatever other harebrained scheme AOC tells Chuck to bring up as Majority Leader

  3. Perhaps a calculated message intended to ease the concerns of conservative voters (and thereby their enthusiasm for voting) knowing he can always change his mind later.

  4. he could work a deal for Chairmanship

    He can work that same deal with the demoncRats. There will be no changing for Munchkin.

  5. hey justplain – article I was reading made the point that right now he can make that deal with Rs and ‘insure’ he’s in the majority – otherwise he has to wait/hope for Ds to win both Senate races in GA just to make 50/50 split …..

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