Fernandez writes about the urge to escape confinement, and how it’s universal. Even throws in a Shawshank Redemption quote. He labels it “rebellion,” a word that implies the authorities are right and the rebels are wrong.

Close, but no cigar. His analysis doesn’t distinguish the need to escape UNJUST confinement, which was what occurred in that film, and has occurred with all the lock-downs.

“Cases” are skyrocketing despite lock-downs and mask orders, but “deaths” are not, and particularly not among children, teens, young adults and working people. That means universal house arrest is not necessary, never was. We’re being punished for no good reason. That’s unjust confinement.

The urge to escape unjust confinement is not only natural, it’s right and moral and just. It’s not an act of rebellion against lawful authority. The people trying to continue the unjust confinement are in the wrong, not those of us trying to escape it.

Joe Doakes

I’ve got a mother in memory care. I’ll be protecting her (and/or going along with her facility’s plans for taking care of her), whatever it takes.

I’m also going to get a ^%$#@ social life back.

Both can be done.

2 thoughts on “#Resistance

  1. I was driving past one of the largest homeless encampments in the state yesterday. It was during a pause in the precipitation and there were at least 20 people milling around, smoking cigarettes (with the average price of a pack of cigs in the state being around $8.00, $3.54 of which are taxes, one wonders why these people haven’t quit the habit) and talking, without masks and less than six feet apart. Once again, I wonder why we’re not hearing about homeless people dropping dead of WuFlu by the hundreds, especially in California. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I’ve managed to suppress my urge to vomit long enough to listen to a couple of the State Health Department’s press briefings. What emerges is a continuous shaming process in front of media shape, none of whom have the impertinence to ask why the Emperor is naked. No mention of the catastrophic collapse of civilization predicted last March. No explanation offered for shutting down large swathes of the economy despite no evidence of risk to anyone younger than 65. No plan for distribution of an eventual vaccine, just that it’s being studied. No doubt by “experts “ so shut up, peasants. Post election I believe we’ll hear more , especially if the DFL holds on to the House. If Karma Chameleon wins the Presidency, fasten your seatbelts belts.

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