Too Far

The stupidity of the mob that is seizing headlines and rewriting/erasing history is on daily display.

But now, they’ve gone far, far beyond too far:

It’s a statue of legendary confederate general, slave trader and blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Wait – he was never a confederate general, never owned a slave, and was born nearly 100 years after the Civil War.Indeed, Vaughan was something of a center-lefty during his way too short life.

So of course the mob is vandalizing his statue.

11 thoughts on “Too Far

  1. Yeah, but he’s wearing a cape like a general, and the guitar could be used as a weapon against slaves, so there!

  2. Shaun King tweeted Monday all statues of Jesus that portray him as a “white European” should be torn down because they are “a form of white supremacy.”

    You just wait…

  3. Greek philosophers like Socrates knew that to propose a new philosophy there had to be truths. For the police reform, there is neither consensus of what just happened nor the value of proposed remedies.

  4. Time to tear down a statue of someone who really afflicted Black Americans–I am of course referring to the Smithsonian’s statue of Margaret Sanger.

  5. Insane hysteria.
    NASCAR said Tuesday the “noose” found in the Talladega Superspeedway garage stall of Bubba Wallace, was a garage door pull rope and had been there since the fall, according to an FBI report. Wallace was not the target of a hate crime, an FBI report indicated. The rope fashioned like a noose was there before the team’s arrival, the FBI report said.

  6. It’s better than that, MP. As someone tweeted:
    * ban the Confederate flag
    * Noose was “found”
    * NASCAR has a new “hero”

    This propaganda set-piece would make Soviets blush.

  7. Tucker Carlson says that the FBI sent fifteen agents to investigate the “NASCAR Noose.”
    Worst. Elites. Ever.

  8. Margaret Sanger is correct per above,

    Would it be okay to tear down the Democrats’ sacred cow of Planned Parenthood, Klan Parenthood as some black pro-lifers call it, just look up the “Reverend” Clenard Childress. Speaking of which, I see now, Colonel Allen West reiterates what another said, “if black lives mattered, they’d be protesting at planned parenthood”. Check lifenews . com.

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