Not Ready For Prime Time

Looking at the SF article on armed citizens again – 

“As the car fills with the acrid scent of burning chemicals, Ellison tells his friend in the driver’s seat to pull over. Before they come to a stop, Ellison, 30, flings open the door and jumps out with a pistol in one hand and a small fire extinguisher in the other. He walks briskly down the street, scanning the block for the origin of the fumes.”

Even assuming he has a permit to carry, that’s “brandishing,” and it’s a crime.  What are you doing waving a gun around, one-handed?  What’s your target?  Where’s the imminent danger?  Why is that damned thing out of the holster???

His father’s the attorney general. That’s his legal justification, peasant.

“At one checkpoint, a young man nervously looked down the street as a car approached, his finger on the trigger of a semiautomatic rifle half-raised in front of him.”
Get Your Booger Hook Off The Bang Switch!!  What the hell is wrong with you?  Have you no firearms safety training at all? 

The author is PRAISING these idiots for running around the streets with loaded guns and no idea how to use them safely.

Every time a new group gets frightened enough to run out to buy guns – women, gays, trans – I make the same offer:  I will teach you how to use it, safely, for free.  Time to step up my game.  Whole lotta people desperately need help before somebody gets hurt from sheer stupidity.

Joe Doakes

There are a whole lot of people who’ve come over to the 2nd Amendment side this past few months. There are a lot of opportunities for us to show them how it’s done.

Although I’m not sure Jeremiah Ellison is going to be one of the ones who learns much.

9 thoughts on “Not Ready For Prime Time

  1. “Say, J-dawg? You obviously don’t know how to use that Glock. Why don’t you and your homies come on down to Bill’s and let us show you how it’s done.”

    “Listen xer, If you mentally ill sexually mutilated folks are gonna pack heat, you really need some practice. Come on over to the range and we’ll go through some drills together.”

    “Hey lefty! Put that blunt down while you’re at the firing line. And take that balaclava off; this isn’t a Seattle.”

    “Whoa there Mohammad. Is that how they taught you to sling an AK at ISIS camp? C’mere ya knuckle head, let me straighten you out.”

  2. So, according to all of young Ellison’s tweets, he’s 17 and still a minor. WTF is he doing with a hand gun in the first place?! He damn sure doesn’t have a permit to carry it, because last time I checked, one has to be at least 18 to apply for one.

  3. “Tyrone Hartwell, 35, originally from Mississippi and a Marine Corps veteran, carried an AK-47 as he helped direct other volunteers. He compared the effort to his time in the military, and when asked who the “enemy” is in this case, he alluded to the widespread rumors of armed white supremacists arriving in Minneapolis.”


    Who the fuck do they think they’re kidding?

    Even with the kind assistance of JD and like minded, white “conservatives”, the “Freedom Riders” are gonna get themselves a gunfight, sooner or later up in there. And there isn’t going to be a white face within 5 miles.

    It will be against a carload of 13 year old shorties making their bones with the Bloods.

    Hey, now “there’s” a group of 2A supporters that could really use some firearm training!

  4. chopper;
    Thanks. I’m still wondering about the permit, but I’ll bet daddy got it for him from the 13 Precinct’s evidence room.

  5. J-Dawg is 30 and a sitting member of the Minneapolis City Council, who’s out on the streets during the riots, holding a pistol, looking for white supremacists to shoot.

    Just let that sink in for a bit.

  6. Well, geez, JD, the police had retreated to some place of safety, so someone, some superhero had to step up to take on all those whypeepul. I think that all that need be said is thank you.

    Oh, and by the way, a comment like this “these idiots for running around the streets with loaded guns and no idea how to use them safely” just speaks loads to your white privilege. Just add gun safety to the list of whypeepl things, like arriving on time, showing up for work, or 2+2=4.

  7. “White Supremacists”?…yeah, no.

    J-Dawg wasn’t armed against huwyte supremacists. I know it, you know it and he knows it. He’s armed, and at the ready because he’s in the community gibs zone during free-for-all time, and a crew of Negro predators could pop around the corner at any minute. If you plan on getting between them and their gibs, you had damn well better be armed.

    The fact that J-Dawg and his crew have to be armed in their own got damned neighborhood, and cannot simply stand on a burned out car and talk sense to his Negro neighbors says everything you need to know.

    I just wish to God there was one man; white, black, yellow, brown, red or green, with a platform large enough and enough balls to speak the damn truth.

  8. Looks like a tough call to me. You’ve got a group of people violating every firearm safety rule in the book, risking the lives of innocents. On the flip side, you have the question of how radical they really are, and precisely what they would do if they actually knew how to use firearms correctly. I’m hoping it is indeed safe to train them in firearm safety, but I have a nagging suspicion that about 1% of them are not safe to train.

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