When I Ask If There’s Any Slice Of Modern Life…

…that Big Left isn’t going to profane and politicize…

the answer is “Mitch, please”. Andrew Zimmern has a show on the slate discussing food and…

…wait for it…


I’ll echo this tweet in response:

4 thoughts on “When I Ask If There’s Any Slice Of Modern Life…

  1. From the article: “Shows will cover immigration, climate change, addiction, voting rights and healthcare, and the impact those issues have on what America eats.”

    I had Chinese last night and we’re going for Mexican tonight, so I’ve got Social Issue Number 1 covered.

    I purged my cupboards of high-carb stew, soup and hot-dish because I’ve been reliably assured that snowfalls are just a thing of the past. On the way home, I’ll swing by the liq for tonic water and gin, my go-to hot weather drink. There we go, Social Issue Number 2 handled.

    Planning ahead – to cover voting rights, he says he’s going to the Deep South – to me, that means barbecued ribs and greens. Hey SITDers, where’s the best place in the Twin Cities for genuine Voting Rights food?

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mitch. This is definitely must-see TV.

  2. I give it a month or two before its cancelled. The last time I watched MSNBC and it wasnt Lockup was probably 2003 or earlier.

  3. Joe – Brasa is my favourite place to get some of those Southern foods you speak of.

  4. Capitalism has fed more people than socialism. Industrialized farming techniques produce more calories per dollar invested than the family farm. Trains, trucks, and shipping fleets distribute the bounty world-wide. Go back in time a century and a half, and the world was full of half-starved “locavores.” North America’s hunger for ethanol to mix with gasoline has replaced the small, peasant-operated family farms of Central America with mega-plantations that grow sugar palms, that is one reason that we have so many Central American immigrants.
    A real television show that examined the intersection of politics and food would not be a good fit with MSNBC’s audience.

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