What’s With All The Rhetorical Questions Lately?

Why isn’t Trump getting credit for this?

Joe Doakes


Along those lines:  while I’m the Twin Cities’ best feminist, I am actually 104% male, so I have to wonder; do women ever feel patronized by all the “First Female…” <fill in the event> hype?  Especially given that the event took place on the shoulders of a lot of brilliant men who built the space program from its inception?

Also – am I the only one who feels like his teeth are being filed with a cheese grater at the term “HERstory?”

8 thoughts on “What’s With All The Rhetorical Questions Lately?

  1. The subtext to these triumphant announcements is always “And they didn’t screw it up.”

    If I was a wyman, or even if I was currently identifying as one, I’d be upset…then I’d probably buy some box wine, have a good cleansing cry and pet my cats.

  2. And speaking of wyman, how about that slut Orange County California reprobates sent to represent them in Congress.

    It looks like she’s been pluuking anyone that stood still long enough to get ahold of, but I smell a clam scam. She’s just building her resume for a Senate run…but what’s with the Iron Cross tattoo?

  3. US to send “additional military assets” to protect Syrian oil, says Pentagon ~ AP

    Something something — endless wars something something… ~ Donald Trump

  4. Not necessarily so! Some of the other astronauts may have been women, since, after all, women can be biological men.

  5. Many iron crosses were awarded for courageous action on the stubbled fields of Picardy and ile De France.

  6. You’re right MP. The Iron Cross has a long and nobel history. Just not sure how a drug addled, leftist slut ties it into her life.

    I also think it’s hilarious the Daily Mail is referring to it as a Nazi symbol. Brilliant.

  7. US to send “additional military assets” to protect Syrian oil, says Pentagon ~ AP

    Shhh, Em. The assets went over there to take out that BigDaddy guy. Don’t tell Nancy.

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