Remember the case of the dog that didn’t bark? How come nobody is asking Democratic candidates for president what they would do about Syria, Trump, and the Kurds?
If everyone in the Washington establishment is correct and withdrawing is such an obvious blunder, then what’s the correct strategy? How many troops, where, for how long?
Tell us your plan: how many American kids will you kill to protect the Kurds?
Joe Doakes

The interesting part, for me, is watching Minnesota Democrats suddenly pretend they ever cared for the Kurds.

4 thoughts on “Flip

  1. The answer is that none of them give a rat’s ass about the Kurds. They also didn’t care about the Syrians or the Libyans, otherwise they would have objected vehemently to Obama and Hillary when they invaded those countries for regime change,!without congressional approval. But then, we all know that their sudden concern for the Kurds is because Trump.

  2. As has become more than apparent over the last couple weeks, what they care about is keeping the lid on the cozy deals they have with foreign interests, “charities” and donations to their families fortunes.

  3. Since all the Democrat candidates are clueless, I’m rating them on cuteness, instead. Tulsi gets my vote.

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