A Thousand Times “Yep”

While driving about yesterday during the mid-day, I caught a piece on MPR – basically a recycled “Documentary” podcast on “Education” looking at the tension between free speech and “inclusion” at the U of M, viewed in the context of a squabble over a panel on the Washington Avenue bridge in 2016, where Campus Republicans wrote “build the wall”, spawning the usual suspects’ usual performances about the need to make free speech not nearly so free.

I sat, mostly dumbfounded, as a series of academics, consultants and activists responded to the notion of the importance (to say nothing of sanctity ,and vitality to a democracy) of free speech with an ever-increasing series of “Yabbuts”.

There were too many chilling moments to pick just one pullquote; I’d read or listen to the whole thing, if you’re in the mood to feel immense forboding.

But this part here caught my attention; I’ve added some emphasis:

Over the course of [Rebecca Ropers, a vice provost for faculty and academic affairs at the University of Minnesota]’s career, she has witnessed an increasing ability for people that are marginalized on campus to articulate what is going on in their lives, but she doesn’t see administrators and other students showing a commensurate ability to hear and acknowledge those experiences. She said that the university now knows more about managing diversity and free speech, but school officials don’t always implement what they know.
“If administrators and faculty could have students’ backs and continue to articulate the importance of free speech, while also saying, ‘Yeah, and I really find that reprehensible,” I think maybe that’s a good strategy for academic leaders to take at this point,” Ropers said.

“Acknowledgment”. It’s the “bring me a rock” of modern sociology; the “acknowledgment” sought is never, ever the kind offered; there’s always a bigger, better, different form that’s really demanded, although it’s up to the acknowledgor to figure that out.

If the modern academy – at least, outside most engineering and hard science departments – expends energy in anything other than endless self-flagellation over the current view of identity politics, what is it?

Although I’ll clarify – it’s not so much self-flagellation; call it flagellation of some “other” on the part of the upper-middle-class academics and activists doing the flagellation, who are never called upon for any meaningful sacrifices as a result.

3 thoughts on “A Thousand Times “Yep”

  1. Sorry for the threadiack but since no one posted here, I did end up going down to the rally and missed getting in by like 10-20 people. Everyone was nice and respectful though, the protesters were not a issue once I found out where I needed to go to line up. I did have to wade through them twice which wasnt fun per se but was entertaining as hell. All in all I’ll try again to get in to a rally once he comes again (hopefully) to Minneapolis

  2. Good job, POD. Take the fact you weren’t able to get in as the win it is.

    Target enter just isnt.bug enuf to hold all the Americans that wanted to greet the President.

    And wading through the reprobates, you didn’t get any bodily fluids thrown on you…a miracle of sorts.

  3. I hear the U of M law school has been working diligently on this issue:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion OF PEACE, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of ACCEPTABLE speech, or of the LEGACY press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble UPON PAYMENT OF ADEQUATE SECURITY, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances ARISING FROM SLAVERY, OR SEXUAL IDENTITY CONFUSION.

    There, fixed it for you.

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