The Musical Christmas Truce In September

The nation is truly polarized.

And I’ll cop to it; one small part of it is because I’m pretty revolted by what the “other side” in our national debate wants.  It’s not gonna be easy to resolve.  Maybe we can’t.  Who knows?

But if you dig long and hard enough, you can usually find some common ground.

So with me and former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges:

And what the heck – why not celebrate the little things.

So yeah, it ain’t no sin to be glad to talk about something other than politics once in a while:

OK. Back to business.

3 thoughts on “The Musical Christmas Truce In September

  1. Good point, Mitch. I used to read The Anchoress by Elizabeth Scalia. When she made a similar point, I objected I had nothing in common with someone as vile as Nancy Pelosi. Elizabeth gently rebuked me by pointing out we both love our grandchildren. Takes a much bigger heart than mine to see that similarity. Humbling.

    Of course, superficial commonalities also existed in the days when Cato the Elder declaimed “Carthego Delenda Est.” The rationale supporting that conclusion still applies in American politics today.

  2. I had the same experience this weekend, albeit not as directly connected. I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime called “Model Citizens” related to model railroading. One of the more prominent interviewees was Michael Gross, the actor best known as the dad on the 80’s sitcom Family Ties, who in real life is an unrelenting leftist. He is also an avid model railroader. I could have a long conversation with him about model railroads and never touch politics.

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