Let’s Call It A “Super Bowl Break”

Things sort of caught up with me this week:  it’s been crushingly busy.

Posting will be light to nonexistent today, and maybe tomorrow.

But I’ll be back.  Oh, yes, I will.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Call It A “Super Bowl Break”

  1. So how about that speech, eh? Warren had her “aw mom, pemmican again?” face on…Schumer looked like Michael Corelone listening to his crew testify before a grand jury….Pelosi sitting there grinding her dentures to paste.

    Oh, and I expected the Poverty Pimp Caucus to jump up and do some choreographed dance steps…sitting there in their 4 Tops costumes.

    But the fun kept going! Joe Kennedy’s inbred great grandson drooling his way through a tear stained rebuttal was Epic!

    Good times my friends, good times.

  2. Surly Brewing Minnesota primer for visitors.

    Flannel, blaze orange, and camo are not seasonal fashions so much as foundational lifestyle choices.

    Choppers are big golden/yellow mittens. You can get them at Fleet Farm. They have a silo in the parking lot. The three preceding sentences could be the most Upper Midwestern sentences in existence.

  3. I’ve taken to calling Nancy Pelosi “lemon drop”, she looked like she was sucking on one during the entire speech. Now Schumer appeared to be channeling Snidely Whiplash……..only missing the handle bar mustache. The entire Dem contingent looked as if they were attending their own wake. What a miserable and despicable lot!

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