3 thoughts on “If Doug Baker’s Doing It…

  1. I had been planning to retire in late 2019 (before I turned 60!). I checked my 403B this AM.
    I could retire today, if I wanted to.
    I should cash out. If we get a blue wave this November, as many people expect, the DJIA will probably drop by at least 10%.

  2. . . . and today I got my first paycheck with the Trump Tax Cut figured in. My fed tax bill is down by about $2,000/year.

  3. What’s Soros doing with his windfall? Millions for teh pour peapullz? For teh skool chidrenz? For teh single moms that had no choice but to hook up with that illiterate hood rat that NEBBER DINDOO NUFFIN WRONG?


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