Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Minnesota Supreme Court held that Governor Mark Dayton’s veto of all legislative funding was perfectly okay, because despite his attempt to de-fund a co-equal branch of government, the Legislature has set aside money to cover unforeseen contingencies.   The Legislature’s fiscal responsibility rendered Dayton’s attempted coup irrelevant so we can just sweep his little faux pas under the rug.

I’m guessing next legislative session will be . . . contentious.

Joe Doakes

Given the confrontation-aversion the MNGOP showed in the 2017 session, I think Joe may be too optimistic.

5 thoughts on “Wishing

  1. We can be certain that no executive salaries will be voted on before Dayton signs off on the Legislature’s budget. And that there will be a real risk of a “line item veto” of all of Dayton’s cronies after Dayton does sign.

  2. Still don’t understand how the legislature can spend funds that have not been allocated in the passed, signed budget. It almost seems now that the whole budget process is a sham, cause the powers that be move money around as they wish despite it not being budgeted for the use they make of it, and short change those areas that are actually budgeted. I would think that that practice also violates some laws.

  3. What I don’t understand (and apparently Dayton doesn’t, either) is how he can “undo” a veto, even if the Lege capitulates to his blackmail (which they won’t)?

    No, I think the GOP needs to ram this outrage right back down his throat. Method optional, suggestions welcome.

  4. I personally think that the legislature ought to undo some of the concessions they previously made to Dayton for his bad faith negotiations. You want to play this game, Mark? Great. Let’s start with a 10% cut to your pet priorities, buddy.

  5. J. Ewing and BB: Your ideas are EXACTLY what needs to be done, and EXACTLY what will not be done as long as Gazelka is the Senate majority leader. Daudt makes noises about sticking up for the legislature, but I have yet to see much action from him. Upon being voted in as majority leader, Gazelka suddenly became as worthless as McConnell has been on the federal level.

    Situations like this are EXACTLY why we needed politicians like Emmer and need politicians like Dave Osmek in postitions of power. They won’t roll over.

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