President Obama unveils an unseemly snobbery:

On Sunday’s season premiere of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown,” the president discussed food and foreign policy over noodles with the celebrity chef in Vietnam…“Is ketchup on a hot dog ever acceptable?” Bourdain asked the leader of the free world in an episode taped in May.

“No,” the president quickly responded. “I mean that … that’s one of those things like, well, let me put it this way, it’s not acceptable past the age of 8.”

Bam. Obama out.

Mr. President; you’re eating a hot dog.   Pretension is misplaced.

26 thoughts on “Misplaced

  1. I believe he’s coming from the perspective of Chicago hot dogs, which have the reputation for toppings being obscenely decadent.

  2. OK, we have here a guy who is in Vietnam for (theoretically) trade negotiations, and he cannot resist a photo op with a celebrity in Hanoi. Am I getting this right? And the guy he meets with is a fellow former druggie also (mysteriously) halfway around the world, who also has a reputation for, shall we say, a lack of decorum.

    And these (former?) druggies, one of whom drank Bug Light at his little beer summit, decide to lecture the rest of us on the proper way to eat a hot dog?

    Well, I guess it’s better for us than Obama doing his job, but January 2017 cannot come fast enough. Hopefully we will have a President who will follow the evidence and put him where he belongs, where he will not have the choice between Vienna Beef and David Berg, to put it mildly.

  3. Yesterday Caesar got his veto overridden by the peoples’ congress. The vote was 99/1 in the senate.
    Caesar does not approve. Caesar does not disagree with the peoples’ congress. Caesar does not see things differently than the peoples’ congress. Caesar does not believe that the peoples’ congress is voting in the interests of its constituents.
    Caesar believes that the peoples’ congress is simply wrong, and he has informed the peoples’ congress that it should rectify its error.

  4. All of my life ketchup on a hot dog has been the way to go. I have passed it along to my kids.

    Ketchup on bratwurst, on the other hand, could set me to fighting.

  5. It’s just hard to picture him sitting in the back of an armored limousine, rolling down the window and asking the guy in the Rolls in the next lane “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon for my hot dog? Ketchup is simply unacceptable.”

    Actually, no, it’s really not; supercilious is his best look. At least with President Obama, I’d be reasonably certain he meant to put it on an actual hot dog that he really intended to eat. If it was Slick Willy asking . . . .


  6. Only uncivilized savages put catchup on hotdogs. Just because he knew that most basic of truths doesn’t mean Obama isn’t a crap President.

  7. You may be deplorable if ……….

    I eat peas with honey,
    I’ve done it all my life.
    I know it may sound funny,
    but it keeps them on my knife.

  8. Yesterday Caesar got his veto overridden by the peoples’ congress. The vote was 99/1 in the senate.

    Actually 97-1. Of the two Senators who did not vote, Dem VP Tim Kaine was one of them.

  9. Yellow mustard and onions. That’s all that is needed.

    And kel: You’re assuming he will leave. I’m not assuming anything until I hear Chief Justice Roberts utter those words on 1/21/17: Congratulations, Mr (or Ms…and please, dear GOD, don’t let it be Ms) President. Then, and only then, will I admit my personal tinfoil hat conspiracy theory from 2010 was wrong: If Obama wins in 2012, there will not be a presidential election in 2016.

  10. I thought the magic words would be after that, if he turns to Mr. Obama and says “You have the right to remain silent….”

  11. Once again, Emperor Obama is displaying a gobsmacking level of “snootessence.”

    And yes, I made up that word.


    1. The primary, pervasive, and verifiable feature of a person who feels he or she is more important than he or she actually is: The driver of the Porsche 944 who used two parking spaces is the epitome of snootessence.

    2. An infuriating core trait, a root behavior, often despite claims to the contrary: For all his populist rhetoric, Barack Obama demonstrates the snootessence of a person who wants to rule, rather than govern.

    2009; A portmanteau created by Torleif Sorenson for Middle American (flyover country) English, based on the roots essencia (Medieval Latin, for Latin essentia) and snoot (American informal, for snob). See also essence, pretentiousness

    1. self-important, un-Christlike, arrogant, pretentious, insolent, self-exalted, jerk, holier-than-thou, insufferable b@$t@®d.
    2. lacking humility, badly needing to learn the lesson Jesus taught in Luke 14:8-11.

  12. I’m with you, Bill, only Gulden’s mustard and occasionally, relish.

    On the Obama staying in office thing…I’m in the same frame of mind. Still believe a false flag event in Chicago will occur toward the end of October. Obammy then declared martial law for a few months or even years.

  13. BG wrote: “Yesterday Caesar got his veto overridden by the peoples’ congress. The vote was 99/1 in the senate.”

    This is a world-class mistake. Either the suit will fail, due to easily recognizable barriers to proof, or the suit will succeed, due to a judge and jury ignoring burdens of proof and giving way to the same emotions to which Congress is now pandering. Either way, the International norms and agreements that protect American citizens and American businesses from politically motivated show trials around the world will be irreparably damaged.

    This bill seems to be all heart, no brains.

  14. I almost forgot: Costco sells a great hotdog and 20oz cup of pop for $1.50. 2 hotdogs and 1 cup of pop for $3 + tax is a great bargain, better than any fast food value menu.

    Protip: You don’t need a membership to buy food from the Costco food counter. They only check you for membership if you want to go into the merchandise areas.

  15. Isn’t a “Chicago Hot Dog” the one where they say “Put All The Things” on it (besides ketchup, apparently)? “Misplaced” hits it on the head.

  16. Kraut is for New York. Chicago is that nuclear relish and hot peppers. I enjoy both. I can even sometimes enjoy the coney style that Obama is eating in the picture–at least if the chili isn’t some garbage from Hormel or something like that.

    Regarding the lawsuits of the Saudis, yes, good luck getting data to prove it, and more importantly, if there was a statutory barrier to such suits on September 11, 2001, then this is an ex post facto law. Perhaps Joe Doakes can correct me if my analysis is wrong, but I anticipate this law lasting whole minutes in the courts.

  17. Kraut is for New York. Chicago is that nuclear relish and hot peppers.

    And so, not being a big relish fan, I appropriate both cultures. I love kraut, I love peppers.

    I don’t like chili (although I love the coneys at the Gopher).

  18. I’m with you on the Gopher chili dogs. I try to ride my bike down there a couple to times a summer from the rural north to quell that need. Chili, onions, and plenty of mustard is a must every now and then! Ketchup on a dog doesn’t work for me.

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