A Project For Today

Output’s a little light today.  I’ve had a lot going on outside of work, family and blogging.

But I would like to ask you a favor.  Get out on Twitter and “Follow” Tony Hernandez’ Twitter account.

Tony’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s Fourth CD – my district, the district of Betty McCollum.

Conventional wisdom has it that it just can’t be done.

Of course, conventional wisdom also had it that Jim Oberstar was untouchable, Obama would keep unemployment under 8%, and that the Wisconsin Recall was a “coin toss”, so you’re better off spending your time going to Tony’s Twitter feed and clicking “Follow” than you are paying any attention to “conventional wisdom”.

Tony’s a solid, small-government, low-taxes, family-values conservative, a second-generation American, with no freaking hyphens, and would be a much, much better Representative than Betty McCollum, for a district that direly needs some common sense in government at all levels.

So please follow his Twitter account – and if you’re so inclined, maybe peel off a buck or two, and maybe sign up to volunteer to help the campaign.

The 4th CD needs this.  And all you gotta do, for now, is follow!

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