There Was Some Good News…

The Fourth CD is one of the more challenging districts in which to be a Republican.

And this is a challenging year to be a Republican, at least if you’re expecting financial support from the state party (hint: there’s not going to be any).   The districts – congressional, state senate/house and county – are bracing for a year of no money from the state.

So the Fourth CD GOP, at its convention on the 21st, did the sensible thing; jacked up the admission price for delegates, and started charging for guests.  They also canvassed aggressively for additional donations.

One upside of this?  Usually the party raise $5,000 or so at its convention (part of which – $2K or so, if I recall correctly – has to go to cover the cost of rending the hall).

This year?  More like $11,000.

That’s good news!  The district’s coffers can get replenished!  The district’s candidates can look forward to some help!

What could possibly go wrong with that theory?

More later today (or, let’s be honest, maybe tomorrow…).

10 thoughts on “There Was Some Good News…

  1. The 6th is also fixin’ to be a battler. I have already received a couple of emails from Michelle Bachmann asking for donations. She indicates that her opponent has already written himself a $100K campaign contribution and has vowed to spend as much of his own money as he needs to win. I assume that she was referring to Jim Graves, listed as a Businessman/hotel owner. I wonder how much he pays his staff? Does he give them healthcare benefits? Does he use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes? Of course, we know that it will be union, A4ABM or other stealth organizations of the DemocRAT party that will be doing the contributing to him to unseat Bachmann.

  2. Is there any help for CD5, god it’s so depressing to be “represented” by Hakim X I mean Keith Ellison

  3. the prince of darkness is not opposed to praying when it comes to trying to remove someone of Ellisons, ahem, record. Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Vishnu I don’t fucking care, whoever can help remove this man is a friend of mine. Also whispers have it that people in CD5 aren’t terribly thrilled with him, they see him as representing more national interests than the district he’s supposed to. Fields will have to talk to everyone of voting age multiple times in CD 5 to get above 40%.

  4. Ellison is just about the closest, safest thing to a lifetime seat that CD5 could get. He’s got 50% of the favorite protected minority categories covered. If he was a she and liked other shes, (s)he could probably get away with not even campaigning. And no one else would say anything his/her lifestyle conflicting with his/her faith.

  5. Bill you are a fucking downer, ever thought about being on a suicide hotline?

  6. I think that Bill is correct. Ellison has his own mob of useful idiots that, even with evidence to the contrary, think he’s got their backs, so his realm seems to be as safe as a Kennedy’s would be in MA.

    On the other side, PD, I can confirm some of those whisperings. I have two colleagues that are residents of the 5th Reich, both of whom are black and married with children. Both said that along with their wives, they all voted for him last time, but not next time. They view him as a Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton clone, never missing an opportunity to be in front of a camera so that he can pat himself on the back, while being a (their words) “race baiting pimp”. During this discussion, fueled by a couple of Summit Pale Ales, I dared ask how they felt about the Kenyan Klown. Expecting to get called a honky cracker, etc. imagine my surprise (and relief) when they replied, almost in unison; “He’s worse than Ellison! He’s gotta go, too!” Under my breath, I said a quiet, “Hallelujah!”

  7. Maybe there is hope after all, then again married black people aren’t exactly typical Ellison supporters, that would be women who have 4-10 kids with multiple baby daddies and felons. Some people may call me racist for what I just said but the truth hurts sometimes.

  8. Mr. Berg,

    You claim that the Fourth Congressional District GOP made $11K at its convention on April 21. It did not. Skip Wolverton will testify that number is around $5000. The total in the account is around $11,000. Perhaps posting a correction would be in order?

    Jeff Hagen

  9. Correction: The district made $5K, and has a total of $11k on account.

    I regret the error.

    Doesn’t change my original point in any way, but there you go.

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