Chanting Points Memo: “Compromise”

Dutifully, the Strib carries the short version of the DFL’s current party line; it’s the governor who’s being the “moderate”:

“Here I am in the middle, and they haven’t moved,” Dayton said of Republican lawmakers.

It’s BS, of course; the GOP started the session committed to holding the line at 2010-2011 budget levels; as projected revenues rose, they increased the spending to match – keeping us “within our means”, against the wishes of some conservatives who pushed to cut services back to 2009 levels.

That – when you’re dealing with a legislature with a decisive mandate, as opposed to a governor who backed into office with the tiniest plurality since Jesse Ventura – is more than enough.

So what we have here is…:

  • A legislature that’s done exactly what they were sent, and sent in overwhelming numbers, to Saint Paul to do, up against…
  • A Governor who is willing to risk a government shutdown to support the only policy initiatives he has; stick it to the state’s most productive citizens, and force us non-government employees to work ’til we’re 70 so his union supporters can retire at 55.  He can do this, because he can count on…
  • …the media.  Part of which is actively carrying water for the DFL (I”m looking at you, Esme Murphy and John Cronan), and the rest of which worships at the Cult of Process, believing that negotiation and compomise themselves are the overriding goals of all legislative government, worthy of frittering away all manner of princple and, for that matter, fiscal common sense.

Let the spinning begin!

10 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: “Compromise”

  1. I still don’t get Esme Murphy being such a flaming libturd when her husband and brother in law own SofasandChairs. But then, in a lib’s world their mantra doesn’t have to make sense.

  2. Dimwit Dayton and his lap dog Big Media aides continue to whine about this. Listen up, liberals (that’d be Doggie Dummy and Timmy from St.P)…jacking taxes to spend $2.5 BILLION is NOT what Minnesotans want. In otherwords, Dayton wants to SPEND $2.5 BILLION more than the GOP. SPEND. SPEND. SPEND.

  3. I actually read a Lori Sturdevant column. It was worse than portrayed here. Every once in a while I remind myself why I will never give one dime to the Star Tribune.
    As for Governor Moonshine, when a liar is telling you he is lying, can you believe him? (Apply question liberally to Barack Obama)

  4. Oh, and libtards, here’s a memo for you. Stop trying to define the GOP position as not “compromising” because they want to spend the same amount (or slightly more) than the last biennium. The GOP needs to learn from this. If you want to remain revenue “neutral”, then you HAVE to start at an ACTUAL cut of $2.5 billion. Then, compromise to neutral. Frankly, our state would be better off with an ACTUAL cut of $2.5 Bill!

  5. And one more thing, libturds. This $2.5 BILLION in tax increases can NOT be made just by jacking the taxes on the filthy, slimey, worthless human debris called “The Rich”. Dayton is LYING. He’s also going to jack taxes and fees and anything else he can. Because there aren’t enough filthy, slimey, worthless human debris called “The Rich” to extract all the money.

  6. MGIN;

    You’ve got that shit right!

    I saw a study the other day that debunked Obumbler’s same call to make the rich pay more.

    It appropriately noted that you could take every dime of profit that every US corporation made last year, take the entire income of the richest Americans, sell all of the mansions belonging to Hollywood Libturds (after all, they need to pay their fair share) and about three more sources and they still would be over 200 billion short!

  7. BossHoss-
    They know that. That’s why they’ll go after capital when they’ve sucked as much money as they can from wages and earnings.
    And capital is mobile. You can move a million bucks from US investments to another country with a phone call.

  8. Well, Gov. Jim Beam just vetoed the GOP budget. One of his memes was that the citizens of MN would have to speak out. Apparently, he doesn’t remember that we already did!

    I wonder if there was any way that we could get a recall on this brain addled nitwit before he kills the state? Just in case, I’m heading to the nearest cemetery to start writing down names! Hell, it’s only fair that since dead people got him elected, they also get him booted!

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